Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Rain

Yes more rain. It looked like it was just going to be another cloudy day. Until I was heading out the door and boy did the sky ever open up. I waited for a little while and it died down. I picked up my #3 daughter and the kids and of course the little guy. I can't believe how much he has grown since Thanksgiving. He actually laughs now and is always smiling even when he is asleep. We went out for a late breakfast and  some had lunch.

We stopped at Walgreen's so granddaughter could pick up meds for a kidney stone that sent her to the hospital yesterday. She hasn't passed it yet and I would hate to be her. I hear those things are really painful.

We had a long wait but we had fun trying all the Christmas hats on the kids.

 Nonna! don't take pictures of my butt, even if it is cute.
 Peeka boo, Mickey mouse Santa hat.

Is somebody talkin to me?

And this is what it looked like when I dropped them off. It was dark and raining a fine misty rain. And it was only about 2:30 pm.
As soon as I got home I took Fred out really quick and as we closed the door it started to pour. It looks like tomorrow it will only be partly cloudy. I'll believe that when I see it.

I want to make an apt. to get the RV in to see what all is wrong with the generator and maybe this time some one can fix the leak on the top back of the toilet, lock needs replacing on the door and I may need new tires. Also want to get the solar read out panel replaced since the other one was not properly installed and it burned out. All this just keeps me hearing chaching cha ching. But they need to be fixed so I can hit the road soon.
I can really hear the road calling my name.


  1. It sounds like you are having the kind of winter that we usually have. The weather is so strange this year. But I'm not complaining about the lack of it here! I should fire up & run my genny for awhile tomorrow. I try to exercise it once a month. CAn't wait to hear of your adventures once you get yours on the road again! I hope it won't cost too much too.

  2. Oops, hit send too fast. I hope your grand daughter feels better soon too. Those are painful! ouch.

  3. At least with all this wet weather we have an excuse for any wrinkles that might show up. Hope the repairs don't over fill the dealers cash register.

  4. Your grandson is a handsome youn man.

    Good luck on the repairs.

  5. Hi TexCyn,
    I tell you this weather is for the ducks. It is still rianing and they now say cloudy all day, BLAH.
    Thanks for the well wishes.
    And thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    I hope so too but we shall see. I didn't buy the rig to sit in the driveway and rot thats for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you see some sun today. Wrinkles? what wrinkles? aren't they for old people? hmmmmm

    Hello Kenny and Angela,
    Thank you, he is such a happy baby and he hardley ever cries. I will miss him when I go on the road.

  6. Awwww.. that lil guy sure is a cutie !!

    Sorry to hear about your G'daughter, sending a prayer her way ...

    These rolling homes always need something don't they !! But, I really liked what you said about not letting them sit and rot away ... LOL

    Take care ... TnT

  7. LOLOLOL,,,another TnT,,been called that forever with this nic. Hey, Jojo,,looks like ur having a great time with those little ones. And i also can't wait for u to be back on the road, but,,in the meantime,,enjoy.

  8. What a CUTIE!! Everytime I see someone's grandbaby I remember the bumper sticker: "If I'd a known how great grandkids were, I'da head 'em first!"

    As for those kidney stones. Ug! Those are worse than delivering a baby. Prayers up for your G'daughter. My husband's passed 2 or 3 and doc told him to cut out the caffienated pops. (however you spell caffienated)! Seriously, I be praying for her...and for you to recover from the grandkids. lol

  9. Hi TnT,
    Yes its always something but some of the stuff I brought it in for before and they never did what I asked so they broke again. Going to take it somewhere else this time. I told someone today that if it didn't cost me all my life savings I would love to try the trip to Alaska.
    Thanks for the comment about the baby. He is so cute.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Trouble,
    Yes got the hitch itch as they call it. Hoping for a visit from some other members of the RVBuddies in March. Maybe we can come up with a Caravan to somewhere.

    Glad you stopped by today.

    Hello Winderly,
    I have seen that bumper sticker too. That babie is a great grand son. I have 2 great grands now. I keep telling them I'm not old enough for this stuff.
    My #3 daughter had kidney stones and she said the same thing its worse than labor. I hope they can break it down with lazer, Yes they told her no soda and no tap water unless its filtered. I had a Britia in the motor home I never used and gave it to her with a new filter.

    So glad you stopped by today Thanks.