Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cloudy and Sunny

The wind quit sometime in the wee hours of morning and became a breeze. The sun was shining and it was chilly early in the morning.  By about 10 am it was really nice.
Didn't do much. Barb stopped by to pick up the hat and scarf she got at the Chix with Stix party. She wanted to add a flower to it so I did that for her. Worked on 3 matching beanies for 3 little girls. I have to make 2 more flowers and attach them and I am done with those. They are really cute.
Who knows what my little fingers will work on next.
Took some pictures today of the clouds moving in.
We have a 30% chance of rain tonite and tomorrow.

 Have a great weekend or whats left of it


  1. Those dark clouds are starting to look ugly. Tired of the rain. At least you saw some sun, none to be found here.

  2. Hi John,
    Yes they looked like trouble really. But no rain last night. So far today its cloudy. I am taking daughter #3 to lunch her birthday is Wed. but has to work. And her gift is to big to take to work with her.
    Hope we see some nice warm sun today.
    Glad you stopped by.

  3. Nothing like a touch of the sun to make everything seem better!

    You are getting pretty good with that camera, sweetie!

  4. Clouds are beautiful, but,,,where's the flowers and beanies? lol

  5. Hey Jim,
    There isn't any sun today.
    Thanks its been to long since I took out the Canon and played with it. Can't wait for these holidays to be over and I'm outa here/
    Glad to see you today my friend.

    Hey Trouble,
    Darn I forgot to take pictures of the hats before I dropped them off. I tell you its time for me to be hitting the road.

    Thanks for coming over.

  6. Hi JoJo

    We have been spending time on your blog, trying to get caught up .. lol.

    The snow sure looked pretty in the mountains, but wouldn't want a whole winter of that either.

    Glad to see you are surrounded by friends and family, the most important things we have.

    Take care, Trent and Teresa

  7. Hi TnT,
    I'm happy you have found some time to stop by. You two are having so much fun traveling around and hitting places I would love to see.
    Thank You for stopping by.
    Be safe.