Friday, December 16, 2011

The Winds a Blowin

Had this post almost all finished when blogger decided to throw it away. That's OK the tool bar was missing so I couldn't do much anyway.

The day had dawned bright with a slight breeze and it wasn't very cold at first. The the wind started to pick up and it was down right cold. We only went on short quick walks today. It was a day to stay in and finish projects. Yup the blanket is done and it kept me warm while I worked on it.
The Christmas decorations are blown all over the yard and I think tomorrow I will just take them down and put them away. That is if they are still out there.

The wind has really picked up and is howling away out there.

Clouds started moving in around 4:30 and by sunset it was really looking great.

And now my friends its time to crawl into bed and read my book.
Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow with wonderful weather.


  1. What's with the cool weather, my first winter in the RV and its colder than I would like. But at least its warmer than the weather in Chicago.

  2. You sure have had your share of winds this season. I can't blame you for just wanting to put the outdoor decs away! Beautiful pics though.

  3. Hello John,
    It just got more beautiful. The ones with the most orange are to the west, and the others are to the south.

    Glad you stopped by.

    Hi Teri,
    I know this is just one of those years were the weather is just out of control. But yes the alternative is a lot worse. Even Lakeside is being slammed with lots of snow and freezing temp.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey TexCyn,
    I checked out the scene when Fred and I went walking, the stuff is blown all over the place. But at least its still in my yard. ahaha Its all being held by the electric cords. No point fixing it the wind is still blowing but some what calmer.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Thanks for coming by for a read.

  4. Saw where those winds did lots more damage in CA. Are those things safe out there on those electical cords? Well, not the things, but,,you know.
    I always did my crocheting in the winter too. Liked the warm afghans hanging over my lap. Got too many, quit doing them. Gave my kids some.

  5. We were surprised last winter in AZ. Did not know the wind would never stop. I suppose that is typical weather.

  6. Hey Trouble,
    Yes the cords are for outdoor use.
    I crochet all year long. When I am in the mountians it's cool at night so I can still make afghans, but they are usually the small ones called lap robes, and I make beenies. they are all donated things for the Cancer
    Center and the VA hospital. Right now working on 3 little beenies for someones little girls. Needed to take a break.
    Thanks for coming by to read.

    Hello Phyllis,

    We get these winds here every year at this time but yesterday and last night the wind was really strong.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  7. Your pictures are stunning. I am very envious. I'm just a drive by shooter, then I try to crop and straighten to make it look like I know what I am doing.