Thursday, December 15, 2011


The day started out cold, damp and foggy. The sun didn't burn its way out of the grey sky until about 1pm. So Fred and I took a nice walk. We both enjoyed it so much.

I wrapped gifts and then went to Walgreen's to find a scarf to wear with my News Years Eve top. They had a gonga deal on toys so I picked up  a few. As I was gathering them up I notices one had parts missing and then I noticed it said choking hazard. They are going back to the store tomorrow and I will change them for something more friendly for the little kids.

When I came back home it was still really nice so Fred and I went out again. He walked like he was so proud to be out and walking. Silly guy.

Then I tried to finish that blanket. I am running out of colors now so I guess I will call it finished, I hope that will be by tomorrow.

Tomorrow they are promising sun all day and a temp of 63, by tomorrow night we will have high winds into Saturday morning. Sunday they are calling for more rain. Got to make the best of it.

Hope your weather is good where ever you are.


  1. Sounds like a busy day, but it also sounds like you're getting close to wrapping things up. (pun intended)

  2. Fred sounded like he was quite pleased to get out for that walk in good weather!

  3. Hello John,
    Yes and I am so ready for road trip. The pun was good made me smile.

    Thanks for coming and I hope your weather is co operating.

    Hi TexCyn,
    Oh yes his head was held high, until he had to stop and sniff the area, tail held high and waggin away. Those short little legs going as fast as he could drag me. lol

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. its windy and cold this morning. **sigh**

  5. Hi Princess,
    It isn't cold. Well maybe a tad chilly. It wasn't bad when I went out with Fred.
    I lov your hat. :)

  6. We always get what yall send us,,,lolololl. You just pass it on.