Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Airport/ Sun Shine

I want to thank Carolyn and Kate for stopping by earlier today.
I did answer comments and then lost Internet so they were lost sorry.

I drove my friends to the Airport today so they can be home for the holidays. Our Airport is still quite small so it isn't a hassle to go there.

Then Lois and I went to lunch at a Chinese place and then hit Big Lots! Lois got a refund on a sale item and I picked up some toys.

We didn't stay out to long as it was getting chilly already.

We should see total sun tomorrow no clouds, so they say. Looks like sunny sky's for a few days then more rain.

Here is what the sky looked like at sunset this evening

The upper left corner is a Christmas light the fell down of the hook.

Until tomorrow have a great day .


  1. Very pretty sunset. Every time I see Big Lots it makes me laugh after seeing the comment from the lady in Tennessee who preferred Big Lots because she didn't have to dress up like you did at Wal-mart.

  2. Sure is a pretty sky! I'm glad the rain has let up for ya!

  3. Hi Jo Jo,
    I think your rain has come our way here in Texas, but that's OK. We need it. Our temps have finally warmed up too and while drizzly, wet and foggy out, it's downright nice. Last week we hovered around 30!

    Lovely sunset pics & thanks for noticing my Christmas house! :)

  4. Hi John,
    I wish I would have seen that comment, I wonder if it had any reflection on all those silly e-mails I have seen about the way people dress when they shop?
    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi My Friend,
    I was walking past the window when I spotted this sunset so grabbed the camera and snapped away.
    So happy to see you Jim thanks for coming by for a read.

    Hi Winderly,
    I loved your pictures they are just so Christman for me here in the desert.
    Or weather never did get better like the good ole weather folks predicted. At 9 am its still only 37 and there isn't any sun just fog and grey sky.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. Have no idea what Big Lot is, but someone sent me an email with pics of people in Walmart, OMG,,horrible, to go out in public like that. That one that said,,dress up to go to Walmart,,WTH is she wearing? lmaoo.
    Beautiful pics.