Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rain, Rain and more Rain

It rained so hard on and off last night that it even woke me up. My intention was to just sit home and work on things. Then it seemed like it wasn't going to rain anymore so I took off for the store. I figured I had my trusty NEW umbrella that I bought Sunday. But by time  got to the store it was pouring down rain again. So I took out my NEW umbrella and opened it up and inside out. Nope no wind just felt like it should turn inside out I guess. OK so I am parked pretty close to the store so I just waddled as fast as I could inside.

I can't believe how few people were in the store. So I headed straight for the kids dept. and wandered around until I found what I was looking for and wandered around the rest of the store for other things I had been looking for.
I finally found a knife sharpener. I had gone to every store I could think of. I had even looked in Walmart before to no avail. But there it was so now I have that to. And yes I am finished shopping now.

I took these pictures yesterday when I thought it wasn't going to rain anymore then. The blue sky looked so promising.

 The sun was trying so hard to burn off the clouds.
Who would have thought this would only last about 30 min. and then it would be raining nonstop even as I type this it is raining like crazy and the wind seems to have picked up again. The weather claims we should see clear sky's by 10 am tomorrow. We shall see. I guess there is lots of snow on the mountains around us.

Over the summer I posted a few pictures of the Burly Bear a great store in Pinetop where the guy does chain saw bears and other large things including aliens. Yesterday morning in a very early fire the place burned to the ground. There is still no cause but they say they had been having trouble with vandals. This guy also made beautiful furniture. They
 sold lots of one of a kind things. I have bought many pieces for the Tin Can Cabin there. What a terrible lose for the owners. I hope they can rebuild. And if someone indeed started this fire they are caught.

I hope everyone is on the way to a great week.


  1. So sad for a small business to take a hit like that. I hope if it was vandals that they are punished severely. Glad you have finished your shopping, now you can cruise.

  2. Good morning John,
    It was the kind of store no matter how many times you went you still found things you hadn't seen before. From what I gather it was just a little business that they built with alot blood sweet and tears. And then you get these low lifes who won't work and want everthing for free.

    I'm glad to be finished to.

    Thank you for coming over for a read.

  3. Good for you. Finishing shopping. And i love to just wander around a store, finding new things. No rush.
    There was a man here, well, at the lake, that made those things with the chain saw. Love em too. Also, beautiful furniture there, not sure who makes that. Big heavy stuff.
    We have rain in the forecast for the next 6 days. Yeaaaa

  4. Hey Trouble,
    Yes I am glad to be finished now I need to wrap.
    The sun is in and out here today. So I better walk Fred a good one just in case it rains again.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. Like your pictures too! I love it when the sun and clouds work together... soooo pretty. I like your white borders.

    I have done no shopping and am fighting curmudgeonry ness ... bah humbugging


  6. I just love pictures of clouds, yours are exceptionally good.

  7. Hope the rain lets up for you in a bit. It does make for some good naps, though!

  8. We also have a gentlemen in our town who does chainsaw carving. Amazing the stuff he creates.

    I do hope your local man can rebuild his business.

    Love that second picture with the sun shining through. I need to remember the sun will always shine through.