Monday, December 12, 2011

To Pooped to Pop

We had rain almost all day and the temps never reached 50. And we should see a few more days of this with temps in the low 50s.

Had to run to the store to get the rest of the stuff for the party.
I made a punch with Arbor Mist, 7 UP and Raspberry Sherbet. Everyone loves that and I hadn't made  it for a couple years.

But am partied out for at least the rest of the week. I even turned down going to lunch tomorrow.

I really need to finish Christmas shopping, I still need 5 gifts. While it won't be a hard choice I just don't want to go.

Maybe I will wait until Wed. LOL


  1. I do most of my shopping and have it shipped to where I will be on Christmas.

  2. Rain continues here too. I'm taking your advice and coasting for a bit.

  3. Hi Teri,
    I have done some of Amazon shopping too. But these are for the 3 new babies and then a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 yr old I have bought them some learning toys and now I want to get them some clothes. I love shopping for them its just so late already. I am usually done in Oct.
    But thanks for the tip I appreciate it.

    And thank you for coming by.

    Hi John,
    It is pouring down rain as we speak. But here in the desert we always need it. Think I will try to get the blanket I am working on done today. It is getting very heavy. lol I also have tons of pictures I need to delete from my system. Maybe I will accomplish something today.
    Always appreciate a visit from you.

  4. Running out of time, aren't we?

    I'll be glad when it's all over and things settle back down!

    Looking for some rain here soon!

  5. Hi Jim,
    Yes running out of time. :)Looks like the rain may be letting up so I guess I should hit the road and finish shopping.
    Yes I will be glad when it is all done and things get back to normal(what ever that is).

    Thanks for stopping by today have a good one.

  6. Lmao,,over your comment,,wait til Wed. That's exactly what i would do...hahahaha. I hate shopping, but love to go into a store, and just dawdle, looking at things that most of the time, i don't see. Maybe you can have a day like that.
    Anyway, have a good time.

  7. Hey Trouble,
    I can't believe it is still raining. But I went and finished shopping! YIIPPEE!!
    I like kind of shopping you mentioned just walking around seeing things but not during the holidays.
    Thanks for coming.

  8. sounds like you need a good rest!!! hope you're taking it. and, that sunshine comes your way soon!