Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crappy Customer Service

Not much to report today. Of course the weather was perfect. Which is a delight after all the cold nasty stuff.
Went with Barb to Bed Bath and Beyond so she could use her gift card. Then we went to JC Penny so I could pick a few things up. You can tell the holiday's over. Couldn't find a sales person for anything. So I paid off my charge and we left. Then stopped at Wally World I needed to buy a gift card there. Picked up a few things and headed home.
Took down a few more decorations and that was it for the day. Outside of taking a couple walks. Just to beautiful not to.
Hope every ones weather is improving also.
Until something comes along I will talk at you all soon.


  1. Okay, Christmas is over all you clerks can go home. When I worked for Penney's in the 60's and 70's right after Christmas was the start of the white sale and it was as busy as Christmas, how things have changed.

  2. When I first started college when my girls were young, I thought I wanted to work retail. Quickly changed my mind but not before having to work in retail two semesters for credit at a Macy's. I well remember the day(s) right after Christmas. Shoeless Joe is right on!

  3. Hi John,
    I have always liked Penny's, I like the clothing line and I have never had a problem getting help. The store was busy but this dept. always has more than one sales clerk. Oh Maybe I just hit a bad day. But unfortunaly yes things have changed.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello Phyllis,
    I worked retail a few times. It sure wasn't for me. I like interacting with people but I liked admin work better. Setting up business meetings and events.
    Thank you for stopping by last night.

  4. Sounds like our Home Depot! Always sales people hanging around when you DON'T need them, but when you DO, where are they??? You have to walk miles in that store too!
    Enjoy that nice weather. We've had sun - yes!! Sun, stay! (will that command work?)

  5. Hi TexCyn,
    Yes the sun stayed here anyway. It is 72 oh joy yes and all that good stuff. I think Fred and I are going to take another walk.
    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy that sun no matter what the temp.

  6. Glad you got hit with some good weather!

    It's warmed up a bit here, but I think the rain is coming back over the weekend. We'll see!

    You have a great day, sweetie!

  7. Hello Jim,
    The weather has been great the sky was so blue today and not a wisp of a cloud and the temp was 73. We did some walking today.
    I know you all still need all the rain you can get so Iam sure nobody is complaining to much.

    Thanks for stopping by today my friend.