Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a Wonderful Day

Today the weather was beautiful. It dawned on the cold side but it is winter. But we hit about 65 today and the sun was shining.
Went to me Jeana and had salads for lunch. It was very good. Then I followed her over to her new rig. There was a problem with her heating system so while we waited for the man to finish we visited and talked about so many things. Her patio is comfy and she had some great things around her area. The Alfa is a real beauty too. And yes Anon I passed on your message. Since we don't know who you are you have to admit it was kind of funny. But I may have found something in your comment that may tell her who you are. I'll call her tomorrow.
We went to Home Depot so she could exchange something and then I headed home.
Not much else to tell about today so I will say good night, Good Night


  1. We had a great day here too, got up to 80.

  2. WOW 80 That is nice, but getting to close to being to hot, LOL

  3. One thing for sure Home Depot must have a strong clientele. We, too, were there AGAIN today.

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Yes I think so. I hadn't been to that one before and they were very friendly. I won't go to the one on my side of town they are to rude and walk away if you look like you want to ask a question. I go to Lowes.