Monday, December 26, 2011

Starting The Clean Up

I sure didn't do much today but think about putting things away now. So I started about 6:30 pm. I managed to put away the Christmas dishes and other things from the hutch. I wanted to get my pottery dishes and cups back out. I posted a few weeks ago about the new pieces I bought at the 4th Avenue Street Fair. I will have to change things around a bit. 4 of my kitchen cabinets have glass doors but they have an ugly design in them so I am going to get clear glass cut to replace those.

Other than that I haven't accomplished much today. But that was pretty much my plan.
Tomorrow I am going to meet a friend at the Voyager RV Park to see her new 40 ft. Alfa and have lunch I will eat salad only.

Hope everyone has recovered from all the food consumed. I think it will take me about a month. LOL


  1. Gads, I ate like a pig again tonight. this has to stop or I'll explode! Besides, my RV isn't that big

  2. I would love for ur friend with the alfalfa to blog more. You girls have fun.

  3. Fred look cute in his peace and skull jacket! Very colorful! Harley is envious.

  4. Hi John,
    Aahh omelet, I never did make it. We didn't want to use it after we discovered there wasn't anything else in the box. Shouldn't there have been at least something else with that thing? She has been trying to get through to them but all you get are recordings. She ordered 2 and the other one got more pieces.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi TexCyn,
    I was a good girl yesterday. The eating must stop. Today at lunch only salad with be eatin. My RV isn't any bigger than yours. :)
    Happy to see you here this morning.

    Hello Anon,
    I'll pass tht along. It's be tough on her losing her old dog.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello MissMermaid,
    Fred likes that jacket. It must be very warm for he really doesn't like this cold weather. When he needs to go out in the morning he sits there where his jacket hangs.
    Just in case Harley wants one its from Wally world. lol
    Glad you stopped by today.

  5. Better check out that salad,,,lol, so many are high calorie.

  6. Hey Trouble,
    It was baked chicken and dressing on the side. I love salad especially when someone else makes it.