Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dirty Stay Out?

What a day. I picked up #3 daughter this morning for a quick and quiet breakfast. I dropped her off at work and headed to my next stop to meet up with one of my RV Buddies. I was very early so I went to the new Walgreen's on the corner and walked around and of course bought a few more things of course. By time I went to the restaurant my friend was there waiting. This eating out has to stop real soon. But I only had a bagel for breakfast and coffee. Lunch was eggs and potatoes but only ate half of that and drank water.

Terry and I hit a few RV Places and looked at some Class A's . Nope not for me. I looked a B+ . I feel in love with it. It had the back kitchen and it had to slides, one on the dinette side and one on the couch side. It made it really nice and wide. I would turn the dinette into a bed to stay that way since the other side had a couch and I can eat off a TV tray just like I do now in my present RV. But it's pretty much a dream at this point. :(

By time I got home it was 5 PM. Poor Fred was needed to get out quick.

The day was partly cloudy but mostly sunny and it was nice enough to take off the jacket. But by 4 it started getting chilly again. Tomorrow should be about the same. I will be playing Ms. Santa and dropping off Christmas gifts. Nope no costume.
Kids won't be home, so the mom can stash the gifts.

Hope you all are having a great week.


  1. Keep dreaming and some day they will come true.

  2. Window shopping for a new RV is a lot of fun, I'm sure! Heck, I would live in one if I could.

    Oh well, nothing wrong with dreams, I reckon!

  3. Our fiver is almost three years old. Thought we would love it forever! Already bored and would love a new one. Not in the cards. Anyway, RV shopping is sure fun.

  4. Hi John,
    Yep dreams are wonderful. Some of my wildess dreams have come true. I always wanted an RV and I have one. It isn't exactley what I want but I have it and its mine. :)

    Glad you stopped by.

    Hello My Best Buddie,
    Jim the one I saw yesterday for me would be easy to live in. It sure had a great floor plan. Mine is paid for and I am not in the mind to have a bill to pay.

    So Glad you came to see me today.

    Hello Phyllis,
    My friend Terry and I go a few times a year. We love looking at all the RV's new and used. Right now Terry has a tent trailer, has had many RV's in the past. She is now thinking big, Found about 3 contenders. We shall see.
    Thank you for stopping by today.

  5. A class B with slides...seems like they are adding slides to all of the RV's....and multiple slides, too. So far I feel nice and cozy in my RV without slides, I hope I continue to feel that way and won't want to upgrade. I do want to switch out the small dinette for a couple of chairs, and make a few minor changes. I got a really good deal on my RV and hate to think of spending more money on upgrading. Have a good Holiday.