Thursday, December 22, 2011

Less Running Today

Took the day slow today. Fred was happy about that.
We took more walks today and went to the mail box. He really liked that as he saw lots of his friends who make a big fuss over him. We stopped at Tom's house and he really likes that cause Tom lets him go on the furniture. That is a nono at our house because to the leather furniture. He does sneak into my chair every chance he gets but that's OK that one isn't leather.

I found out when I went to Tom's that we are all going out to lunch tomorrow which I did not know about. Somewhere along the way in the past 2 weeks I broke one of my finger nails and it was split on both sides pretty far down. So I crazy glue a fake nail on it until it could grow long enough to be cut off. I haven't been able to get that thing off so tonight I had to put all the fingers on . What a pain and I bet tomorrow that one will just fall off. Having a tough time typing even though I cut them down. I have glue all over my finger tips too. And I have the wrong king of nail polish remover to get it off. :(P  Life can be tough when your not into all this fussy stuff.

We did have a beautiful day today the weather was a little warmer than yesterday but still cloudy on and off. Tonight it was a little windy but seems to have already stopped. Lows tonight could go as low as 29 - 32 and a slight chance of rain.

I was looking out the window and saw a huge hawk. By time I grabbed the camera it was gone. One of my neighbors was out walking and she said there was 2 but she didn't see them anymore either. It scares me cause Fred likes being on the porch and even though it has a roof they can still fly in and grab him. I had just let him in the house before I spotted the hawk.

We had another beautiful sunset tonight

Love the way the sun hits these mountains when it's setting

Until tomorrow have a wonderfull evening and morning


  1. I'm trying to picture you gluing all your fingers together in a attempt to have pretty nails. Glad you didn't get Fred involved in that part of your day.

  2. Beautiful AZ sunsets for sure.

    Ah, what some of us go through to look stunning! I find all my nails break or split about the same time, within a day or two. Never bothered with polish, etc. Just too lazy I guess.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey John,
    If you had been watching me you would still be rolling on the floor. I am not into all this stuff but since I could get the one off and the others looked really bad I figured why not. Now I know why not the next time. One already popped off last night, so I had to reglue it. That stuff puts me in panic mode when my figures start to stick together.
    Have a great day.

    Hi Phyllis,
    Thanks, with all the clouds lately the sunsets have been so awesome. Sunrises are too but it is so cold in the morning I just want to let Fred do his thing and get back inside.
    Looks like we may get more rain today.
    Thank you for coming by.

  4. Is Fred a little tiny dog? If not, I wouldn't worry about the hawks.

  5. Yes he is a mini Dapple Daschound, small enough for a huge hawk to carry off.