Friday, December 23, 2011

Is It Over Yet?

Today was sunny but cold, tonight it is cold 39 degrees right now so it says.

Went out with the gang for lunch at a really nice restaurant that most of us hadn't been to yet. The food was good but it was freezing cold in the there and I had sandals on. I think my toes may have been purple but didn't want to look. I think before we go out for New Years Eve I need to go buy some closed but dressy shoes.

I finally dropped off the gifts for the kids today. Lois went with me and then stopped at her bank.

I think I have all the gifts together now. Tomorrow my daughter Debbie and her crew will come for lunch. I will make Italian sausage with peppers and onions on crusty rolls. I have to pick up a pizza because one of the boys don't eat green stuff. I hope to get to the store around 7 am.
Tomorrow night I will have dinner with my sister.  Christmas day with my daughter Tracy and her crew and my son and his crew.

And then Will it be over?? Kind of? at least.

This mornings sunrise
Just checked the temp in here. OMG it was 59 degrees I must have lowered it a little to far earlier. No wonder I am frozen.
Have a good one. 


  1. I see a lot of eating in you immediate future. Have a good Christmas Eve.

  2. Have a great holiday JoJo! Soon, you'll be hitting the road with those wheels of yours! And yes, that's cold - brrrrrr

  3. Hi John,
    I will have to take lots and lots of walks after all this Holiday Cheer Stuff. Just need to learn more control.
    You have a Great Christmas Eve John!

    Hi TexCyn,
    I sure hope to hit the road soon. The places I plan on going seem to be having snow! What a crazy winter this has been. It is freezing here and I had to bundle Fred up this morning he didn't want to go out. Once he had on his new jacket he went but sure didn't want to waste anytime.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. You should feel bad about not building ol'Fred a indoor toilet!

    Poor little guy, having to go outside in the cold!

    Reminds me of the days using an outhouse, ya know?

    Happy holidays to you and Fred, sweetie!