Friday, December 2, 2011

Wet and chilly

The day started out rainy and chilly. So I figure it was a good day to strip down the bed all the way to the mattress pad and turn the mattress around, and give it a good spraying of Lysol and a vacuuming.  After washing everything the sun seemed like it wanted to come out. So I figured I wanted to go out into the sun. So I called  the ladies and we headed for JC Penny, I am looking for red wine glasses. No red wine glasses so  bought clothes instead. I am not a big clothes shopper and believe me I was looking like it to. Penny's was having a big sale and I saved lots of money on the stuff on bought. 

Now it was time for lunch and we hit Red Lobster. We had a great waiter and we enjoyed out meal.

Next stop Michael's. And of course we all left out coupons home OH well they had lots of sales to and the coupons wouldn't have worked because we bought sales items.

After walking Fred and freezing we got comfy and just relaxed for awhile.

I then emptied out the hutch and put some of the Christmas cups in and tomorrow I will drag out the Christmas dishes and just forget about the red wine glass. Maybe after the holidays I will find them somewhere really cheap.

Looks like the rain is done and we should see 65 for a high tomorrow. I wonder what kind of trouble I can find for myself then.

Hope your weekend plans go well .


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done in spite of the weather.

  2. Sounds like you got alot accomplished. Even sounds like you had fun ;-) 65*? Is that all? I thought it would be warmer than that . We had 60 yesterday and looking for 62 today. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi John, Yes I did and workin toward getting the Christmas dishes out and in the hutch today maybe.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Sunny,
    Fun is always top on the list, must enjoy life because you only get one shot at it. :)
    Yes we are certainly into our winter weather this weekend. I was supposed to be nice today but it doesn't look like it. Thats OK maybe I can finish this blanket I am making for a Christmas present inbetween doing other things.

  4. Gonna be BAD here in central TX,,lol. Rain and cold. Love the rain tho. No porch for a few days,,
    Good to know someone,,that is getting something done,,lol.
    have a good one

  5. Hey Trouble,
    Its like pulling teeth these days to get into the cheer but maybe the party tonite will help.
    Thanks for coming by.