Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside!

We never reached the high of 64 today it never went about 57. The sun had come out but it sure was cold. Then Fred and I went out and the sky was not looking very nice. With in 20 min. this wind came out of nowhere and it just got really dark. Then the rain came but the wind stopped almost as quickly as it came. Right now it is 39 degrees and there is a freeze watch. What do they mean by a freeze watch? Are we supposed to stay up all night and watch for the freeze. Just kidding but really why can't they say there is a chance of a freeze tonight.

Oh well on with it.

I washed the Christmas dishes and put them in the hutch. Put a few more things around. (more snowmen) Worked on the blanket and not much more.
Then it was time to go over to Lois's for a girls party while the guys went over to Kathy and Jerry's to watch some game. Wow Lois's house looked great. The decorations were awesome she did a great job. I tried to get her to come to my house and finish up but no deal.

 Lois and her pretty tree.
 Lois telling Kathy about the stars she was giving out and Barb looking at hers.
We all brought something to munch on and Kathy made the chilly, it sure was good, Barb made the salad.
 Barb and Nancy discussing the little gift boxes that Lois also gave each one and there was little bags of M&M's and little bags of glass beads to scatter around the yard for good luck and the star should be put outside somewhere to.
I guess the lights in the house made this picture yellow? Kathy pulling up her sleeves to dish out here chilly or something looks like some one is already doing that.
Nancy brought pizza bites and I brought won ton or some such thing. We sure had fun and I guess next week we will do it again here at my house.

I tried to walk Fred before I left but it was pouring down rain and we know how he feels about that. Then I tried to get him out in his jacket. Figured that would help. What do you think?

Nope he wasn't having any of it. I guess that's the end of the jacket. Lois bought it for him at a yard sale. Glad it was only a buck. He likes his sweater better I think he can move more freely in it.

Hope everyone is staying nice and warm where every you are.


  1. Lois does have a pretty tree, but I'm loyal and I'll stick with yours as my screen saver.

  2. Just found your blog and thought I would stop by. We have been fulltime since 2006 and just cannot stay away from southern Arizona love the area. Even if it is a bit cooler than Texas, I fell asleep watching for the freeze, guess I missed it thats why we are are south for the winter, to miss the freeze..

  3. Doing a freeze watch must be like watching the grass grow. :)

  4. Hi John,
    Your just to good to me. I took new ones with the canon maybe I will post them tonite if there better. I love the lights on her tree the colors are really cool.

    Thanks for coming by for a read.

    Hello George or Suzie,
    Yes I fell asleep to, so I don't know if it ever happened. I took Fred out in his sweater this morning it was cold but didn't see any ice.
    I'm glad you found me and came over for a visit.
    Welcome to my blog and ramblings.

    Hello Judy and Emma,
    I think your right about the watching thing.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Love it about the stars and glass beads. Is it a tradition? Would you tell us about it?
    Envy you and your friends, with your get-togethers,,,so fun.
    Nothing like chili on a cold day.

  6. PS, i can read Fred's expression,,,lololol..GET ME OUTA THIS.

  7. Hey Trouble,
    Lois just started doing this. Her brother passed away last year just before the holidays. He loved star watching and had a huge telescope. So Lois feels he is a star looking down on her and we all have stars to guide us. I hope I am telling this right.

    The chili was so good and it did warm you up.

    Yea Fred was not a big fan of the jacket. LOL

  8. Awe, the jacket looks cute on him!