Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Cold One

This morning was cold at 6:30 We didn't take much of a walk. Fred did his business and headed for the house.
I notices there wasn't any mountain behind the house.

About 2hrs later we can see them again and the sun came out to. But it never really warmed up. Tonight we are going to have a freeze not just a warning but the real deal.

Then #2 daughter came and we went shopping and out to lunch. We had a great time as we haven't been doing the mommy, daughter Mondays for a long time. Something is always going on.

I put out a few more decorations today. I need to decorate the light post tomorrow and I am done.

I tried taking a picture of the tree with the canon I think its better. I keep forgetting to put the fire place CD on first.

Hope everone had a wonderful weekend and stayed warm.


  1. Looks like we have some cooler weather setting in for the rest of the week. Not looking forward to it. Neat trick you do with hiding the mountains.

  2. It's about 20 here and about to snow. I am not a winter fan!(not here anyway)

  3. Hi John,
    Cool the way I did that isn't. But I had more pictures on this post wonder what happened to them? Oh well good ole' blogger.
    Thanks for stopping by and stay warm our high today will or should be 48!

    Hey Michael,
    This is crazy weather for sure. I was thinking I could have stayed in the mountains but then I looked at the weather there, nope that wouldn't have been good.

    Stay warm and nice of you to stop by.

  4. OOOO My niece just gave me that fireplace cd...i love it. Love ur tree too.

  5. Looks like you're having a great holiday season with great friends, JoJo. Wishing you a wonderful New Year overflowing with happiness.

  6. Hey trouble,
    I love that cd it is so cool. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my tree.

    Hi Hobopals,
    Yes its nice to have good friends around to celebrate the holidays with and not have to leave your nieghbor hood.
    I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season as well.

  7. Oh everything is so cute & pretty! At first, I wondered how mountains could go away, then I got it. haahaa
    Glad you got some time in with your daughter. I miss my Mom right now...

  8. Nice tree.... I need to get mine decorated. I have it up but nothing on it yet. Stay warm :)