Monday, December 5, 2011

A Day To Stay Warm

It dawned cold and stayed cold. We usually don't get this kind of weather until after January. It never reached  passed the mid 40 degree range. We went for a very fast walk today and I thought my face was fall off. The sun was out for most of the day with spotty clouds. The about 2:30 it really started to cloud up and they were very dark and I thought for sure it would rain again. But it just got colder and at 6pm the temp dropped to 31 now its warmer at 8:37 pm at 39. I have turned the faucet on to let it drip as I sure forgot last night. Luckily I didn't have a problem.

We had a pretty sunrise this morning

This is the mountain that used to have the flag flying at the top. I heard over the summer there was a really bad wind storm come in and tore down the pole and flag. If you look closely you can see the frost on the top of the wall, and also in places on the mountain.
The next few days will be cold but by the end of the week it will warm up to the mid 60's.
Hope your are having better  weather where ever you are.

BTW I was sent this today of Lakeside makes me ashamed to complain. But isn't it pretty?


  1. You are like me, we've become so acclimated to warm temperatures that anything below 60 is uncomfortable.

  2. It's not much warmer in Texas, and getting colder each night. :(

  3. Hi John,
    Yes that is the case. It's 29 right now and I need to take Fred out but he sure is being quiet I bet he knows how cold it is out there.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello Judy and Emma,
    From what I've read and saw on TV this cold front is moving right on down South. I bet Fred will be glad to have his Air Force Jacket on this morning the sweater is not heavy enough.
    Stay warm and thanks for coming.

  4. As long as the cold weather keeps moving we don't feel too bad, still a lot better than real cold and snow back home!

  5. I'm not seeing the pic of Lakeside. Am i the only one?,,, I see the others.

  6. I wonder, since no one mentioned it. Thats to bad it is beautiful