Monday, January 23, 2012

1 fix on Mom's Little Run Away Down

The sensor was bad and unfortunately the fuel pump goes with it. It was just under $1,000. I won't know until tomorrow if I still need to buy gas. :(

Next repair will have to be the seals on the toilet as the leaking has gotten really bad. And the door handle thing needs to be replaced too.

And again blogger is not working. This is getting very old now.

Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will meet Trent and Teresa from Canada. I am looking forward to meeting them.

My friend Rosemary and I finally made it to the Photo Art Show only to find it is closed on Monday. But we went to lunch and talked a lot about all kinds of things. We still had a great day. We hope to be able to do this this week still as its the last week.

I hope to still go to the Tombstone Territories RV Park next month for at least a week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Boy, if it's not one thing two more pop-up. I sure hope thing turn around for you and soon.

  2. Wow, BIG expenses...Hope you got it all done.

  3. Hi John,
    I know that what comes from owning these things. But it sure is nice to know how much gas I have and it was 3/4 full NICE!
    Thanks for you kinds words.

    Hi Trouble,
    Yes it was a big expense. But its worth it for peace of mind and if I decide to sell it needed to be done.
    thanks for coming by today.

  4. Always something to rise up and bite you in the back side!

    Glad you got it fixed, sweetie! Ready for the road now!

  5. Hi Jim,
    Yep always something. But at least now I know how much gas I hae and can go with a sence of peace.
    So happy to see you as always.
    Thanks for stopping by today.