Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a fun day.

Today I met Trent and Teresa Canadian Snowbirds. It takes less than 5 minutes to know you can call them Friends. They are warm and sincere people. They are fun and happy. I hope we find time before they leave for their next destination to see each other again. I hope  their ears have recovered from my none stop yapping.

Thank you both for a wonderful lunch and a new friendship.

Picked up Mom's Little Run Away today. It was discovered that it didn't even have the right fuel pump or sensor in it. So now it does and I know how much gas I have. Cost $975.77  Well worth it to me for peace of mind. I had 3/4 tank of gas so that was nice I didn't have to add to the bill.
Next I will call this RV repair guy that comes to the house. And get an estimate on fixing the toilet and the door handle.

Want to take a trip next month for my birthday.

 Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Always nice when bloggers come together.

  2. Good morning John,
    It is I love meeting blogger friends.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. When we were staying in Benson last year, we would pass Tombstone Territories Looks like a nice park. Betca can't wait.

  4. Better safe than sorry. I have to keep my vehicle in top repair too. Gotta be there when i need it.

  5. It's definitely good to know how much gas you have! I'm glad you had a great day & gained new friends through it :-)
    I'm also glad blogger is finally working again!!

  6. Hi Phyllis,
    I have been wanting to go there for a few years now. So that is going to be my birthday present to me. :)
    Thanks for coming by today.

    Hi Trouble,
    Yes if we don't take care of out vehicles we could find ourselves walking a lot.
    Glad you stopped over for a read today.

    Hey TexCyn,
    Not knowing has kept me from going away quite a few times. Now to get that leaky toilet fixed. I will call an RV Repair place tomorrow for a guesstamit. (Is that a word)

    I'm glad blogger seems to be working again too.

    Thanks for stopping here today.

  7. Nothing like meeting new friends!

    Glad you got the RV fixed up. Better safe than sorry!

    Have a great day!

  8. Hi Jo ... It was such a pleasure having lunch with you. Sure hope you have many happy years of RV'ing and summers in the mountains.
    PS - We used our passes to see the museum today. Wow, what a place, we could have stayed all day .... Many thanks .. Trent and Teresa

  9. Hi Jim,
    Yes it is a relief to have that part fixed. Now trying to get a fix on the leak in the toilet and a new entry door handle.
    So happy you stopped by here today. Thanks

    Hello TnT,
    I'm happy you enjoyed the museum today, would not have been something to miss on your first go round this winter. I knew you would enjoy it.

    And meeting you both was a treat for me. Hope we can meet agian soon or at least next winter.

    Thank you both for being you.