Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting things done

Today I needed to get some things done.
Hair needed to be cut, had that shaggy dog look. Car was so filthy I couldn't see out the windows.
Needed to go to Verizon and try to get things cleared up. At least payed the bill. They said temporary pass word to come in the mail not in an e-mail. HMMm how long will that take. I want auto pay so I don't have to worry about making the payments.

And I finally went to crochet class. I haven't been going for quite some time. I still work on things but not at the class. There weren't many there as some will work the Gem and Mineral show for a the next few weeks.

Got in 2 really good walks today and hope to increase it by next week. But Fred slows things down with his sniffing every few steps. I may have to do a walk with out him so I can keep up a more steady pace.

The weather has been so perfect during the day. The nights still drop down pretty low and the mornings are chilly. But nothing to complain about.

Talk at you all tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day and you should thank Fred for sniffing out a clear path for you to proceed on.

  2. Appointment today for a haircut!,,and my car gets cleaned up when i can't stand the dirty windows. lololol. I think Fred is protecting you, checking all those smells out....lololol.

  3. Wanna bet you can't get out the door without ol' Fred? I think he is loving those walks, and may even be getting addicted to 'em!

    You have a great day, sweetie!

  4. Hi John,
    Yes it was but glad to have that all done. Fred sure is a sniffer all right. But what he is sniffing I will never know I quess it was another dog passed by.

    Thanks for coming today.

    Hey Trouble,
    I don't think he is so much protecting me as to figuring out if one of his friends was around the area. LOL

    Glad you stopped by for a read today.

    Hello Jim,
    It sure isn't easy trying to get out without him right there wanting to come along. He puts on his saddest face and those eyes are tough to ignore. He sure does love the walks to his head and tail held high.

    Thanks for being here today hope you had a great day.