Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Day

I sat over that coffee so long this morning I reheated it so many times it wasn't worth drinking anymore. I sure didn't want to break camp. But I did finally get around to moving myself .

Then I thought Fred needed to go for a walk. He loved it and so did I.

OK back to work. I had a cabinet that was full of old mags and RV Park listings.  So cleaned that out and stored my 2 electric heaters in there to keep the books I kept from falling over and it looked much neater.
Filled some gallon jugs to really rinse out the tanks after the first dump. I like the extra clean out.
 Unhooked the electric and did my last walk around. Pulled off the levels and put them away.

Off to the dump station (my favorite thing to do)
:(P. Stopped at the dumpster to get rid of the garbage. On my way out I dumped the mags in the recycle bin.

I stopped at the garage where I have work done on my car and RV to get air in my tires. As we talked I noticed they have a new lift  and I asked if that can lift the RV. Yes. So Monday I will bring in the rig to get the gas gauge fixed finally. I'm sure that will cost big time. But it keeps me from going anywhere for fear of running out of gas. Of course after the cost to fix it I may not have any money left to go anywhere. :(

So the motor home was stripped and all the laundry is done.
Tomorrow I will remake the bed and vacuum.

Tonight was the dinner and it was great. Everyone from that street did a wonderful job.

They had entertainment to. These women range in age 56 - 76 and they dance and sing. What a performance they put on. They call themselves the Tucson Prunes.

Every one had a great time. And I am tired.

So Good Night All.


  1. Hard to break camp and return to reality, especially when laundry is waiting.