Friday, January 20, 2012

Here I am

I had such a bad time trying to set up wireless. And then my #2 daughter called and asked me if I had totally removed cricket. TA DA
Why couldn't that jerk at Verizon asked me that. I guess it would have been to much work. So anyway here I am. And I leave tomorrow:(

Pulled in Wed. hooked up electric and just when I was going to pull out the steps, I remembered I didn't fill up the fresh water tank. OK so unplug and go back to the water station and that takes forever. Go back to my site and hook back up and get settled. I love this space but it is so uneven and I always have to block it up. My friend Terry was down a few spaces she paid for the first day so I wouldn't lose this space. I was glad she came down so she could tell me when I was good on the block. I always have to jump in an out to do this.
 Thurs. my friends came out and brought all kinds of stuff for a really neat lunch. We sat around the table and talked about a lot of nothing. 

The weather has been so beautiful during the day, the nights are very cold but that's what a heater is for. And it is dark as coal here at night so I an not about to be out there.

We have taken lots of walks.

OK I found out what the stone building was! It was a water pumping station many years ago.

I have to leave tomorrow so I can attend a dinner put on by one of the streets in the park. Lois and Dick live on this street and do it every year. So I will be a good friend and go home to attend with my buddy Tom who is also a park resident and friend.

Lois, Barb and Kathy
 Just so you can see how blue the sky was and I think there was a bird there

It was so good to get away for these few days.

I missed reading every one's blogs and I sure was hoping this problem with blogger would be fixed by now.


  1. You certainly returned with some nice pictures.

  2. I like the shot with all the saguaros on the hillside. :) It's been too many years since I've seen one.

  3. Very good job with the pics!

    I'm glad you were able to get away for a while and enjoy the warm weather!

  4. what a way to go,,,,camping that is,,,love the pics.

  5. I am sooo smart!! hehe YAY me. Have fun camping mom

  6. Hi John
    well I waited to comment because I bet I won't get another shot at this. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by

    Hi Judy and Emma,
    You should try to come next winter.
    I can't post a comment on your blog but I loved the blog with the Robin.
    Thanks for coming over

    Hello Jim,
    Yes I am glad to have gotten away to. And happy you enjoyed the pictures.
    Thanks for being here today. Brings a big smile to my face

    Hey Trouble,
    It sure is nice to go away but I never want to come home. Will have to go away more often and for longer periods of time.
    Glad you stopped by.

    Hello Princess,
    Yes my Daughter you are soooooo smart.YAY me for having you hehehehe. When I got home I checked my desk top and cricket was still on there too. So I removed it and now this one is working so much better.
    Thanks you Princess

  7. Ah, a few beautiful days of pure enjoyment. Do it often!

  8. Hello Phyllis,
    Yes it was pure enjoyment. I will have to make it a few more times to get better use out of my rig.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Travels to you both.

  9. Oh great, good to see that you've finally gotten out with your RV!! I've tried to open your blog a few times, but was having those stupid blogger issues & got blank pages instead. So it looks like all is working again. Is that your rig & your campsite above?