Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting my move on

Been doing lots of cooking. I put the meals in serving size containers and freeze them. This way when I am not in the mood to cook all I have to do in pop it into the microwave. That should keep me on track. The weather has been so great and we have increased our walks again. Today we did 3. I hope I can extend the blocks in a few days.

Set up a new recipe binder to take up to Lakeside with my favorites. Maybe I will find more in the meantime. I'll try them out here first if I don't like them then I won't waste my time.

Want to finish this post early while this thing is still working.

Hope everyone is having a good first week of the New Year.


  1. Hi JoJo, I like the idea of cooking, then freezing each meal. I'd do that too if I didn't have to cook for several people here. When do you plan on taking out your RV for your adventures?

  2. Is there a place on those containers where you can put a postage stamp and address?

  3. I used to have lots of cookbooks. No room for them in the rig. So I, too, made a binder of my favorites. If we ever get a different rig, it surely would have a bigger freezing compartment. I like to prepare double and freeze one too.

  4. Hi TexCyn,
    I was going to try for next week but I received and e-mail from someone saying they will be hitting town and then maybe we can all pull out the same day. The first week in Feb. I should be having this stinkin cateract removed YIPPEE but there is no real recover time its should only be a few hours.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    I suppose but I don't know how healthy it would be when it got there. I bet you could make a few of these in that ready set go thing. I'm still waiting for the other parts to come.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Phyllis,
    It makes things easier this way to stick with eating right. I like the little binder to I don't have much room in the Tin Can Cabin for things like cook books. This binder will fit nicely on the shelf the microwave sits on.
    Glad you stopped by today.

  5. A few hours? My cateract surgery, on each eye, took several days, was no problem, but, a few hours?

    Cant wait for you to get on the road, lol.

  6. Hey Trouble, I guess I will find out the trueth when I go to see the Dr. hhmmm
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. ive been going through grandpas recipes and i did so much of my holiday baking from scratch i love cookin and baking. r u doing low cal recipes? btw its michelle

  8. Hello Daughter Snow Bunny,
    Yes they are weight watcher recipes and some I picked up on line. I use low fat when possible and cut back on other things to reduce the cal count.
    Nice to see you hear. If you want some let me know They are so easy.

    1. hey mom, yes i definetly would like some of them. i have finally conquered my hardest habits. i dont do the soda i dont do the fast food and i havent hit the vending machine in 2 weeks !!! managed to drop 5 pounds. one more week of working and keepin on this eating thing and then on to the work out !!! yikes, wish me luck