Friday, January 6, 2012

Increased Walk

I increased my walk by a block this morning. Thought I was gonna
This afternoon I made the mistake of wearing  my tennis shoes or sneakers what ever you call them. Big mistake, my feet do not like shoes. They are not cheap ones either. So I will stick with my beloved crocs. I do not want to start backing off already.

Made some chicken pot pies today to freeze. I was so happy to find that recipe as I love them but the fat content is out of this world. I made 4 in corning ware that can be taken out of the freezer and heating in the micro or if left out for a while put back in the oven.

Did some shopping with my sis today. We did it fast as we new what we wanted and what store. Since its Friday we wanted off the road early.

The weather was great again today so being out walking is great.
I tried to get some pictures of the moon tonight but I can't hold the camera steady enough and yes I have a tripod. Maybe tomorrow I will use it.

The Daddy Bean 
 The Little Bean
 The Kidney Bean
All most got it
I hope you enjoyed the picture show.


  1. I didn't realize the moon had so many shapes.

  2. Haha, I took pics of the moon tonight too! I gotta find my tripod. Some of mine turned out like yours too! My tripod is buried in this RV is it that things can get so lost in a space of only 145 square feet??

  3. Hello John,
    Stick with me you can learn lots of things that aren't right. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by last night.

    Hey TexCyn,
    Mine is in the back of my car right now. It moves from there to the MH and back to the car. Gets lots of movement but no use. Go figure.
    Glad you stopped by.