Saturday, January 7, 2012

Porch Sitting Time?

Oh yes I think so. I hadn't been out there much since I came home in October. I had it cleaned up but the wind that comes up the street is constant so I really hadn't done anything much since. Today after going for a couple walks I decided it was time to clean it up again. So I got busy. After sitting out there for awhile the sun was really burning my left ankle. Took a good look around and started moving the chairs around. I have this beautiful rocking chair that I brought home from my dad's house. It was the only piece of furniture I wanted when we emptied the house. I wanted to for my bedroom. When we brought in it wouldn't fit through the door. I had it in the living room for awhile but it just didn't work. We put it out on the porch and I wrapped it up it really good until some one could think if it could fit in their house or something. Today I unwrapped the chair and put in the far corner of the porch. It works there and it will not be in the elements. I also bought a canvas cover for it. So when it isn't in use I will keep it covered. I think when I leave this summer I will put it in the house so it won't be out in the heat.
I always have flowers out there but this fall I just didn't do that either. I think tomorrow I will go to Lowe's and get just a few to make it more cozy. I even filled the humming bird feeder, now if I can keep the woodpeckers off it I will be happy.

After the clean up was done I sat out there for a couple hours and crocheted.

But it started getting chilly and Fred and I needed to go for another walk.
We ended the day with that final walk and then I had dinner and just sat and relaxed.

Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. Sounds like you had a Suzy Homemaker sort of day. Adjusting the nest for your comfort. That's beyond my skill level.

  2. Sounds like a nice day you had there. We need pics of the rocker! I love rockers. Who doesn't?

  3. Hi John,
    I am no Suzy but I love a porch to sit on. :) The weather is good for it right now.
    Thank you for coming by for a read.

    Hello TexCyn,
    I may take some pictures today if I get things done. And I have always loved this rocker wait until you see it.
    Glad you stopped by today

  4. Having a good rocker is one of the finer things in life. :)

  5. Hello Judy and Emma,
    I always thought so too. This rocker does not belong outside but no room for it inside. :(
    Hope your having a good day.

  6. Would never live in a house without a porch. Also, gotta have that rocker,too.

    Are you standing up about every hour???? I'm sure trying to. lol

  7. Hey Trouble,
    I was lookin forward to it today but it turned cold again. RATS!
    Stand up? I guess I am always on the move so I guess so.
    Hope your having a good day and thanks for coming by.