Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Made the run

While drinking coffee this morning I started to shred stuff. I stuck in a really thick envelope and over heated the machine. By that time it was light out so I started taking down the spare bedroom. Those white plastic folding tables must weigh 100# or maybe I am just getting old. NAH Anyway got the room empty and started loading the car for the donation center. I crammed and shoved until I couldn't fit another thing in there. After I unloaded it felt good to have that job done.

Tomorrow I will finish the shedding and then I am done for a while. I know I will have more but that's enough for now. 

Friday I am going to a Photo Art Show with a neighbor. I can't wait to see this show. Of course I already know they will not allow picture taking. But that's OK I would probably get so engrossed in looking I would forget anyway.

 Then it will be time to get ready to head out for a few days. 

Have a good day tomorrow. 

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