Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Tired

I finally got going today with this cleanup project. But I have such a bad habit of not finishing one job before I go to another one. So the house is a total wreck. I figured I might find a box I could use in the shed so I headed out there and before I knew it I was cleaning up in there and I was probably out there for almost 2hrs. But at least now that is done. All the Christmas stuff is in its proper boxes and put up on top and the floor is now clear. Oh and I never did find a box. But there are things loaded onto the wagon so I can cart them to the car and make less trips.

Back into the house I finished the kitchen clear up. I have a bag full of things from there that I have no idea why I had them.

I finally made it to the room that I have been wanting to get to that started this mess in the first place. I started by opening the  closet. OH my. There were throw pillows and bed pillows that I know I will never use again. OK get the big black garbage bags. All the pillows are in there and some blankets that I will also never use. WOW the shelf is empty.

I heard Fred barking out on the porch so I went to see what was going on. OH darn the flowers I bought a few days ago, I never planted them in the pots. So that was next got them all planted and watered swept up the dirt and said enough.

So I walked Fred and we were done for the day.

Tomorrow I will load up as much as I can and take it to the donation place. Yippee. Except I still won't be done with that room. Well at least I will have made a dent in there.

Plan on pulling out next Tue. or Wed. Its time. Working to hard. :) And after taking those pictures yesterday I know I have to get going and find some new things to take pictures of.


  1. Good advice to yourself to take a few days off. I'm glad Fred is on the job calling your attention to what needs to be done.

  2. Hello John,
    Yes he is not a barker so when he does its time to see whats going on for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by for a read today.

  3. Fred knows how to be the boss of the workers!

    Glad you started your Spring cleaning so soon! When you finish, maybe you can come by here and do mine!

    I do hope you get on the road soon!

  4. You making a list and checking it twice?
    I would be continually jotting things down, all the time!!

  5. Hi Jim,
    WEll I have to do it now by time spring comes around I will be getting ready to go back up the mountain. YAHOO!
    So sorry I won't be able to come clean your place next. :)

    Thanks for coming for a visit today.

    Hi Trouble,
    Maybe I should have been making a list. Oh well to late now.

    Glad you stopped by today.

  6. OMG !!! THATS WHERE I GET THAT !!! For a minute i thought i was bipolar !!! im constantly starting something in one room then go to another to get something and then i see something that dont belong or dirty and start there and totally forgot i went in that room with a purpose !!!! THANKS MOM !!! LOL