Monday, January 9, 2012

Razor Mountain?

Had lots of plans today but the unplanned day worked out so much better. It was 32 degrees when we went out the door at 7am. Much to cold for us. Came in had some coffee and played fetch with Fred. Fed Fred and made me some too. No not Fred food my food. Jumped in the shower and waited for Deb to call.
Deb's Dr. apt, went very well. No more fatty liver cells and all other tests are back to normal. What a blessing this has been. So I finished getting ready and waited for her to show up.
One of her friends bought a house a few blocks from me so we went to look for it as her friend wasn't home. It sure is beautiful back in that area. Of course I didn't have my camera. As we were heading for lunch she sent a text to ask where the house was. Now her friend was home and we headed back. What a cute little house it was. I hadn't see her in years and her mom was also there it was like a little reunion. Mom couldn't make it to go to lunch so we 3 took off. It was a nice visit and we caught up on some events. We stopped back at my house so I could grab my camera. I told her if you ever see my car out here I am taking more pictures of the mountains and the birds. I hope this move will help her overcome a very bad few years and we will be here for her. She is a very sweet kid.

The weather warmed up so nice today and it made for a great day to walk and enjoy the area. Tomorrow should be another nice day and maybe I will get some chores done.

 It is amazing how things can not be see by the naked eye while taking the pictures
(especially my eyes) But can you see the white X just bellow the large boulder sitting on top?

And look at this boulder  we didn't see the space under that from where we stood. Or the little caves either. There is one to the left and one to right. I will go back with binoculars to check this out.

 I took this with just the regular  lens as I stood across the street.
This range stretches out quite a way and I will go back to take more angles. I could have stayed there all day it was awesome.

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