Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not to much going on

Nothing much going on right now. But I am making plans to head out on the 15th for about 4 days. I am finally getting to go to Tombstone Territories. That is my birthday present to me. :) Called today and its good to go.

 I want to check out Patagonia Lake on the way home. Need to get online to see if reservations are needed and what the cost is now. I started my Arizona camping there when the kids were very young. It was about $3. a car load back then. And gas was so cheap to. It was the only thing affordable to do for the kids. We had so much fun. I was reminded of it when I read Winnie News this morning.

Yesterday spent a lot of time out on the porch as the day was really nice and crocheted a couple hats. Haven't worked on those for a long time.

Today took Fred to visit TomB and get his treat and lap time. And off we went for a really nice long walk around the Village.

Not long after the wind kicked up and ended the plan for another long walk.

#2 Daughter called to tell me my grandson was in a car accident. They were stopped for a light or stop sign and the lady wasn't paying attention and slammed into the back of the car. She must have been going pretty fast cause the car the kids were in is an old Chevy and we know how heavy they are. Well she bent his frame so the car is totalled. This poor kid has been putting a lot of money into the car to get it fixed up. So far we know Adam has a concussion and they had my daughter take him to another hospital to check for neck injuries.  Still must be waiting to be seen cause she hasn't called me  back yet. She said both the hospitals were jammed packed with people.
Adam was mad because he had a basket ball game and really thought he should be able to play because all he had was a headache. Kids just don't understand. His friend is fine and against the Dr.s he IS playing tonight.

I really miss my Tin Can Cabin. I would love to go up and check things out but don't know about ice in Salt River Canyon. I would really hate to slide off the road and down into that big deep canyon. I bet that would leave a mark.

Hope tomorrow will be less windy as I need to go out walking again. That at least feels good.

Talk at you tomorrow

Adam just called me to let me know he is finally on his way home. Has some pulled muscles in his neck but he was more concerned about needing food. :)
They told him he will feel lots worse tomorrow and the maybe even the next day.


  1. Adams call was typical young man. I knew with my son, if I needed him to just go to the refrigerator he would soon be there. Glad he is alright.

  2. Oh my gosh, whiplash is awful stuff. It catches up with you years later :-( I hope he is ok.
    Cool on the upcoming Tombstone trip! Maybe you can get a pizza there too -- just kidding!! OK, bad joke...really bad joke..maybe it's time for me to crawl under the covers & snoozzzzzzze...

  3. Hi John,
    And #3 has 4 boys. And there at the age where it all starts. Poor girl. Kids have no fear. And if its possible boys are worse.
    Thanks for asking.

    Hey TexCyn,
    That was a great joke. LMAO. I got it and its still early not even one cup down yet.
    Whiplash is nasty, I will keep an ear open for him today. Mom has to go to work.
    Thanks for stopping by and bringing me a joke.

  4. Hi Jojo ... So sorry to hear about Adam. Praying for a full recovery with no long lasting effects !
    Glad to hear about your upcoming trip. Make sure you get a chance to talk to the owner John. He is absolutely wonderful, and loves to meet people.
    I really miss being able to just take a hike right out of the campground. You have to drive to most hikes around here.
    Pretty soon you will be able to visit your mountain home ... LOL
    Take care and miss you, Trent

  5. TG Adam is ok. I think we all go thru some terrifying times with kids.

  6. Hi TnT,
    Thanks for your caring words. I talked to Adam today and he said he said he had some pain, then admitted he had lots of pain. But he thinks he will be fine by Friday no later that Sat. I didn't want to make him feel worse so I agreed. Such a tough kid.

    I can't wait to get on the road. Tired of being home. I want to take tons of pictures while out there on the trails with my Jr. Ranger back pack loaded with my camera's LOL.

    So glad you stopped by today. Miss you guys too.

    Hi Trouble,

    I tell you kids are always getting into things even when it isn't their fault. Been through some stuff with my own and now the grands. Never a dull minute.
    thanks for coming by for a read today.