Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking for shorts

I don't know what I was thinking when I left the mountain last fall but I left all my shorts up there. Maybe because it was cold there and it had already snowed a little. But when I got back down here it was still HOT! I found 2 pair here at the house one I really don't like and the other is just ok. #2 daughter brought me some of her old ones but they are kind of short for me.

So today went to JCPenny's to see what they had. Well they had nothing. I thought for sure they would have them out since this is a big Snow Bird town and people from cold weather places think its hot here. So why wouldn't they sell shorts all year round? So tomorrow I will try good ole' Wally World and hope they have some. I need them for my trip as it can get pretty warm. If not I can bring some capri's along.

Adam is feeling the affects of yesterday's car wreck and is not thinking he can still play basket ball for at least another few days. LOL That kid loves his sports. So far he has been toughing it out with just a few asprin.

Not much else going on this week but it sure did go fast.

Hope you are all having a good one.


  1. Good luck on finding the shorts! Poor Adam. I do hope he's ok.

  2. Capri's...didn't we use to just call them pedal pushers?

  3. Hi TexCyn,
    As soon as the sun is high enough to not blind me while driving I will be on my quest for shorts.
    Adam is young and in great physical health so I have no doubt he will be fine. I just feel so bad that he is pain. Its a Nana thing I guess.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi Judy,
    Yes we did. When I call them that my kids look at me like I am deranged. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by today

  4. I saw quite a few displays with shorts at Target last week. The swimsuits are out too! Good luck. Hey, also look at the resale shops.

  5. Cut-offs? Always my fav. JCPenny gonna cut prices on EVERYTHING, by 40%. Then have specials too. Have they done that yet?

  6. Hello daughteroftexas.
    Welcome to my blog.
    Thank for the heads up. I was right there at the open mall yesterday and never went in Target.

    Hey Trouble,
    Cutt-off were always my fav to. Just have any jeans I can cut down right now.:) As for the sales at JCPenny I didn't look at anything but it was quite crowded. My friend bought a few tops. Really nice.
    Thanks for stopping by today.