Friday, January 13, 2012

Problem still not fixed

I thought the problem was fixed but it fooled me. I was able to get to the comments once. Then it stopped working again. I can comment on quite a few but no all. John I liked your post today. Seems like a great RV Park your at. And you are one of the few I can't comment on. :(

If this doesn't get fixed I may just scrap this blog. Half the fun is the comments and being able to answer them. I can read them from the dashboard but not answer.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. I think everyone is having the same problem. I noticed today that it is much improved (less blank screens), so I'm guess'n that in a few more days things will be back to normal.

  2. Thanks Jo, I for the life of me have no idea why you can comment on some blogs and not on others. Whys don't you create a new user name and password and see if you can comment that way. I assume you have logged off and back on blogger dashboard, but if not try that.

  3. Hi BillyBob,
    I hope your right and if this goes it might be OK we shall see.
    Nice to you see here. Thanks for coming by and letting me know I am not alone in this problem.

    Hi John,
    Yup signed out and back in many times. As that is the only way I can unfreeze the thing. Lets hope it gets to working soon.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  4. I had the same problem. Using Chrome now, and it's fine. Plz don't quit blogging,,your's is one i read daily. My IE is up to date, so i don't know why blogger says to use chrome. O well, i like chrome just fine.