Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Day

This Morning I was able to get on the comments. But only that one time. I just tried again and no go. And I still can't get into Shoeless Joe's blog to comment, also can't comment on Travels with Emma. So Judy if your out here I tried and I am reading your blog.

Since I am going off next week decided to check out the area today. So picked up my friends and headed out. Found a 2nd had store and found a stained glass window panel. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it so I will post it tomorrow. We had lunch and then moved on down the road. There were more campers this time and all the loops are opened but I guess the office is no longer going to be open. They do have camp hosts so they will keep everyone honest and make sure they pay. So I still was not able to find out what that stone building was but I got up close today. I'm thinking it might have been an out house at one time. What do you think?

 Well the pictures moved but here goes

 I spotted these way up on the top of a mountain and wanted to see if the canon would get it and it did, also shows the red of the rock in this area  taken at Saguaro National Park West
 So what do you think this was? the more I look at it I think maybe it was the old pay station, since its so large and has the window. But not sure what the cement thing is. Could it have been a pot and that's how they covered the hole?

 Took these next shots at Saguaro National Park West also
Will post more shots tomorrow don't want to push my luck here.


  1. Crazy problem you are having with Blogger. :(

  2. Man, you have a mystery on your hands, sweetie! Looking at those stones and the cement block...I can't picture what it may be!

    Don't you just love it when nature throws a good mystery at ya?

    You have a great day!

  3. lol, i was on IE, wouldn't post a comment to you, got a blank page, so i went to chrome, and here it is.
    I don't think any outhouse was ever made of rock. And saying that, i have no idea what that building was.
    Are you saying you're not gonna post after you leave? Sure would love to keep up with you.

  4. Hi Judy,
    It is crazy, but seems they have fixed the problem. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello Jim,
    I'm hoping I can look it up and find out what the heck that is. It's been bugging me for a while now.

    Thanks for coming for a read My Friend.

    Hey Trouble,
    In that area you will find many things built with that type of stone. It is everywhere. The have ramada's built with it and homes. It could have even been a water pump station. All I know is its driving me crazy.

    So you have to have chrome to get to my blog now? What a pain in the neck this is.
    If Verizon works I will post while away.