Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Pictures

I started feeling pretty rotten last night and this morning worse. I have been using Zicam a few days ago and it seemed to keep what ever this is at bay. But this morning I thought maybe it was the Zicam that made my nose feel so nasty. I had to pick up #3 daughter early this morning to run an errand so I just took a nice steamy shower and took off. On the way home I stopped at Walgreen's and asked what I can take that wouldn't contain aspirin. She gave me some stuff for cold and allergy as she said it could be allergy. So when I got home I took some and did the Zicam too. I sleep for about 25 min. and started to feel better. I will take each thing before I go to bed tonight.
I have to feel better as #2 daughter and #1 daughter and others are going to look at wedding dresses and then to lunch. I hope to get a call about picking up MH while we are out as it will be on the way home and I can pick it up. Need to pick up last min. groceries for the trip. I sure will be needing a rest by time I pull into the RV Park.
Well I guess blogger doesn't feel much like adding pictures tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
Have a good evening all.


  1. Sure hope you get to feeling better real soon.

  2. Oh feel better soon JoJo!! Sounds like you are too busy to get sick!

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for the well wishes. I think its allergies. I heard on the News that it is a bad time right now and then the wind kicked up not good.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey TexCyn,
    I have been busy. Thats what I get for complaining about being bored. Today we go look at wedding dress' for my #2 daughter.

    Thanks for wishing me well, and stopping by.

  4. Neti pots are good for allergies, without the drugs. Be sure to use distilled water tho.