Monday, February 13, 2012

A Wedding Dress

Today my daughter Debbie, the grooms mother and I went to look over some wedding dress'. Debbie saw a dress she really liked at a Bridal Show about 6 months ago and fell in love with it. Off we went to David's Bridal shop. She tried on  3 gowns. The first one was my choice. The second one wasn't any ones choice. The third was Debbie's dream dress and we all liked it. It is now ordered. She looked great in the dress and she will look like a princess in the dress with her hair done and that smile on her face. Of course I can' t post a picture because we can't risk Tony finding my blog and seeing her dress. When we were done he was waiting out side and we all went to lunch. I told him for $200. I would show him a picture. He didn't have it. To Bad So Sad.

I didn't get my MH  back yet, the place is closed on Mondays. I will call them tomorrow they open at 8am and if it isn't ready I will pick it up anyway. I'm leaving and nothing is going to stop me.
The weather will be chilly compared to Tucson but that's OK Got plenty of warm clothes.
I was able to download the rest of the pictures tonight

 This is part of the man made underground cave.
This is a pool of running water that travels through out the cave. The bats aren't real.

This is the bread dish I bought when I went to Tubac, it still isn't the one I was looking for but I guess no one is making that one anymore. This is a great dish for a baguette loaf and can be put in the oven to help keep the bread warm.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.


  1. Wedding planning will keep you busy for awhile. Thanks for the rest of the pictures and good luck on retrieving Mom's Little Runaway. I hope the repairs are don and the bill is small.

  2. Awww, forget that wedding,,LET'S ROLL..

  3. Hi John,
    I'm not planning the wedding they are doing it all. I just wait until they need a check. What else am I good for. LOL
    thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Trouble,
    The wedding is about a year away still so I will be rolling a few times until then LOL
    thanks for stopping by today.