Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RV to repair shop

Mom's Little Run Away is at the repair shop. My  hand is already shaking thinking about the check I will have to write for these services. Sandy's RV is a very fair priced service center and the guys seem very nice. I tried to get them to trade straight across for a Road Trek. They laughed.
I should have it back no later than Tue.  Since I am leaving Wed. that could be a close call. But since the sheets are already back on the bed and the towels are clean and in the closet, clothes are always in there All I have to do is put the food in and its off I go Wed.
I make a list of thing to get and start putting stuff in a bag, which I have already started to fill (no I am not in a hurry) LOL Yes I have hitch itch. I think I will stay an extra day. With Passport America you can't  beat the price.
We should have a nice little group going.

I was looking for someones card today and would you believe I found more papers to shred. YIKES! when will it end. But its a good thing to get done and out of the way. I will be able to eliminate a filing cabinet. It was my dads and it isn't in very good shape as it is quite old and I think it may have gotten dropped in the move. So its out of here as soon as I finish shredding.

Tomorrow we will go out for breakfast since the guys play golf on Wed. Of course that has nothing to do with me but hey I am up for eating breakfast out.

As for the rest of the day I will play it  by ear.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. I hope the repairs are done as promised, I can sense you are ready to travel.

  2. Good morning John,
    Does it really sound like I have a need to leave? Ah you are so right. It just doesn't seem right to sit in this town for to long.
    I really don't like it here. Oh well I'll be heading out soon enough and I have lots of plans for this week so it won't be to bad. hehe.

    Thanks for coming by.
    OH and BTW did you send your nasty weather this way? It is very cloudy but no rain has been perdicted for today. So I am sure we will get some.

    1. Our nasty weather is still hear, you must be using someone else's.

  3. Im always up for breakfast out,,even for supper. lol.

  4. Hi Trouble,
    As long as we are on that subject any meal works for me. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. JoJo,

    Good luck with the repairs! I am dreading the stuff I have to do, the roof cleaning being the hardest I think, then the bathroom floor, the carpet cleaning!

    Have fun starting Wednesday! :)


  6. Hello Erik,
    The guy called yesterday to tell me the entry door lock can be fixed. I told him that its been done before and it fails after a few uses. But to order a new one would take a week and that won't work, since I won't be here. So they will repair that one and if it fails while I am away we will order the part. But I will be putting the unit on Craig's List when I return. Its time to sell.

    Hope you get all your fixes done and you are on to your favorite place.
    Thanks for stopping by.