Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Work Day

I didn't know what I wanted to do today. I had thought about going off somewhere and maybe taking pictures. Well after taking Fred out I noticed all the weeds coming up all over the yard. 

So out came the weed killer and I commenced to spraying. Can't let things get out of hand to early in season. Nasty letters will come in the mail.

Next I needed something to carry important papers back and forth from Tucson to Lakeside each time. I had bought a folder with compartment's but it is so slipper and hard to handle. I remembered I had this little cheap briefcase I kept from cleaning out my dad's place. It had been stored in the closet since I finished taking care of all his business. So I looked inside and there was still things in there. After spending about an hour reading everything and deciding it was OK to shred it all I got at it. My folder fit in there perfectly.

Of course in the course of shredding and trying not to make a mess emptying the waste and of course getting all those little itty bitty pieces of paper everywhere I had to vacuum. So that job is done.

Next I remembered I couldn't play a DVD on my laptop when I went out the last time and wanted to figure that out before I leave again. Well I figured it out and now I can watch movies without setting up the DVD player to the TV if I don't want to.

Then it was on to trying to change my header picture. It says I have used up all my space. I am not paying to have more space. So be happy with the picture it is staying. :-{ I then went into the picasa album and started deleting lots of photos. I have no idea how I managed to have some pictures on there multiple times. I cleaned out allot and have lots more to go on both computers. I think what happened was when I put the thumb drive in I accidentally down loaded them onto the computer. I am so not computer literate. I still need to clean up the old laptop and try to re store it back to the original set up. And have windows 7 downloaded on it. Lets see what damage I can create doing that. Will it be trash after that? LOL
It isn't worth much now anyway.

Tomorrow I have an app with the eye Dr. for this cataract that is driving me nuts now. It sure will be nice to not see the fog all the time. So if I don't post tomorrow you know why. All though everyone tells be I will be fine in a few hours.

This is the picture I wanted to post for the header.

Or was it this one

 I love this one and I may have used it before.

Hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday


  1. Funny how one thing leads to another and pretty soon the whole day has disappeared.

  2. Oh wow, did you ever kick butt today !!

    Those are nice photos, any one of them would make a great header.

    Good luck at the optometrist tomorrow ...

  3. All beautiful pics! I have the same problem, too many photos. Even have an external HD to put them on, but it seems easier to hook camera up to the computer. After all, living in 145 square feet of space seems to be a hassle to drag out the External HD, even if it is in a cabinet above my head, easy access ;-) But there's the plugging it in...ha! I'll just keep that as my excuse. So I have multiples all over the place too (no, not talking about my personality). Glad you found the briefcase to be handy. And good luck with your eye appointment!

  4. Hi John,
    Yes and it kept me from being bored. Which has been setting in a lot lately. I got hitch itch bad! one more week.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi TnT,
    Thanks for the good thoughts for me. I can't wait to get this done. I never knew cateracts could be annoying like this.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello TexCyn,
    Thanks for the wonderful comment. Hope you scrolled down to see the MH pics you asked to see.

  5. Had both eyes done,,,not at the same time, a few weeks apart. Is wonderful.
    I also loved both pics.

  6. Hi Trouble,
    I don't have one in the left eye only the right. I will have the surgery on March 14. Thanks for the nice comment on my photo's.
    And thanks for dropping by today.