Friday, March 2, 2012

Home Again

I really thought I would stay another day but no. The day started out not bad weather wise.
 And after much fighting with putting the u thing together I held my breath and pulled the  plunger. It worked fine but seeing what comes out of the tank isn't something I care to look at. Then cleaning up the hose was another adventure I had never had to do before right there at the site. I usually go to dump stations and they have all that right there and to me is a much cleaner operation. But I did it and was on my way. The problem with the sticking gas gage is back. So I called the garage and told him about it. He told be to top off before I leave for home and let him know how many gallons I had to put in. It only took just under 10 gallons and I went 84 miles. I can't believe that is all the gas used. Pete wants me to go at least another 100 miles and see what happens. I really don't want to go anywhere. I also realized that the gage should drop to empty when I shut off the truck. I will call him back Monday or stop there to talk to him more about this.

While I was getting gas the wind started blowing and it was freezing cold. While driving down 90 the wind was getting really strong and I almost turned around and went back to the RV Park. As I pulled into some truck stop to turn around I realized the wind wasn't that bad anymore and went on ahead to the on ramp of I10 and headed home. It was a good drive and not much wind at all.

It was chilly here in Tucson to but not as cold.
Fred was filthy and needed a nail trim so I called a groomer and took Fred right in.  He smells great and you can actually tell what color he is again. He loved rolling in the dirt. And laughed as the groomer ran the water over him saying it was mud.
Did the laundry and took a nice long hot shower.

So for now I am settled in and will wait for the eye surgery and then get ready to hit the road for the mountains.


  1. Good week and good to be home. Glad Fred has been un-dusted.

  2. It was a good week but I am not so sure its good to be home. Not that there is a problem here I just want to be somewhere all the time. I sure wish I had a toad. So I can explore more.
    Thanks for stopping by