Friday, March 2, 2012

Yup I Stayed

Don't know what happened last night but nothing would work. So I just shut down and watched some TV.

I just couldn't bring myself to go home today. So I sat out for a while and crocheted and then went for a few walks. The place looked pretty empty for awhile. Then it started to pick up again. It is now almost full.
I had to add a u joint or what ever its called to empty my tanks. Its a rule here. Lucky I had one in the storage compartment but I didn't have a clamp. I ask one of the workers here if they sold them and he said no but would look around. He came back in about 5min. with a brand new one and wouldn't let me pay for it. The guys and even the girls who work here are very friendly and cheerful. This is a great place. It may be an RV Park but it feels more like a camp ground but it has nice amenity's. The only thing they no longer seem to have it the little putting green, not that I would use it.


  1. are these pics where you are camping?

  2. Nice photos! Sure glad you're enjoying that sunshine. Stay away from all those nasty winds they've been having. We will try to avoid driving in the snow and ice up here in Oregon. What do we expect of March, since we've had a pretty mild winter up to this point!

  3. Nice pictures and was wondering if the wheeled vehicle was a new RV you picked up?

  4. Hey Trouble,
    Yes all the picture were takin at the camp ground.

    Hello Russ,
    Welcome to my blog.

    The weather was nice, But this morning when I was preparing to leave it was cold and windy.
    Please be careful on the road if it snows.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    You must be getting to know me pretty well. Yup that was my new RV but lost it in the wind coming home. LOL
    Glad you stopped by.