Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seem to have missed a day

Yesterday #2 daughter, fiance and I went to look at more silk flowers for the arch. I was having a hard time trying to understand what shade of blue she wanted when I went a few days ago. So I figured we needed to go together. We found a few and we will each keep looking as time goes on. Then we headed to the Dollar Tree to see about bud vases bingo, we bought ten so that part is out of the way.

We stopped to have lunch and then went to pick up the motor home.

I don't think I did anything else after that. Good memory huh.

Today one of my neighbor's came and we pulled it into the driveway and along came another guy and really made things difficult and I hit that dam awing post and took out a side light. Luckily it didn't break and I was able to put it back on with silicone. They always so to many hands spoil the soup.
Did some laundry. Cleaned out the motor home AND  found the phone charger. I forgot to look for the eye drops. There not important but they work pretty good for dry eyes.

Took a walk to Tom's house so Fred could get his treat and lap time. Then I saw Rosemary and pink walking down the street so we went out. Pink had on a pretty little pink dress and Fred fell in love. LOL

That's about all folks.

Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.


  1. Sounds like a pretty full day to me. Those memory blackouts after lunch sure help pass the day, don't they?

  2. I've reminded people in the past that this blog is a journal in other words a Diary for your personal way of letting friends an family know what you are doing and if others outside of that circle read it that's a bonus.

    You also have to remember that this is life and sometimes it so full of things to do while other times it's slow.

    Lastly with my Back problems and your Eye Surgery and everything else we do is more interesting than what many people will ever do in their entire lives and reading our post they think we're great adventurers. So in the end it makes me feel extremely luck to live this life when I can because I'm better off than most.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Ah yes, those side lights. I finally replaced mine a couple of weeks ago. Took it out in a post in the dark at a state park campground. Did that last, um, June. Well, no need to hurry these things along huh? ;-)

  4. Ouch! When we go to Geneseo the owners wife always comes over to "help" me park the rig in the site. She always gets me goofed up so I now inore her completely and she asked me why I wasn't paying attention and then I had to admit to her that she doesn't really give good hand signals, thats when I found out she has NO depth perception!! Doh!


  5. Hi John,
    It was and we had fun doing the wedding stuff.
    Must be the good lunch that cause the block outs. LOL

    Nice seeing you this morning.

    Hello Rick and Kathy,
    Nice of you to come by for a read and a very well put comment. I used to keep a journal in my MH of the things I did to get ready and the things I did while gone. I still do a little of that. But then a blogger talked me into starting the blog. I have had fun with it.
    I really hope your back heals as I have read some of your troubles on other blogs like Nancy's and I sure hope she will be well soon also.

    Thanks for coming by for a read and I will add you to my list of blogs.

    Hi Cyn,
    At least this time I didn't take out the entire thing just the cap. :-( While I was at it I re silaconed the tail lights to keep them from leaking into the rig. Oh the joys of owning an RV.
    Thanks for stopping by.