Thursday, March 29, 2012

OK so I missed another day. :()

Lets see. Yesterday was a beautiful day but it sure is getting warm here. It hit 85.
I went and had my hair cut finally and ran and picked up the makings for a few pies for a dinner on Sunday at Kathy and Jerry's house. Kind of a good bye for the summer.

I cleaned up the porch a little since something killed all my pretty flowers I threw all that stuff away and put the trash out to the curb. Spent some time out there working on a scarf. Did some short walks with Fred.

Today all my grey hair just vanished puff all gone.
Then Fred and I headed out for a little longer walk this morning before it got to hot. Twyla (sp)? and Rosemary were doing there walk and we exchange some small talk and Fred got his love. I proceded down the road and stopped to talk to Kathy. All of a sudden I spot the walkers again. Had I been talking that long that they had walked the Village already. I tried some lame story about how I went out of the Village and was already back but nobody bought my story. Kathy's ride came and Fred and I finally got on our way. It had heated up pretty good by then. But Fred wanted outside on the porch so he went there and I fixed the lid on the garbage can those guys made fall off when they threw the can.

I worked on another scarf today and finished it. Then made a Turkey Enchilada Pie. I put lots of extra veggies in it this time so I wouldn't have to throw them out.

We went for another short walk so Fred could see his buddy Sparky. They smelled each other and Sparky wasn't mad a Fred for kissing his girl friend Pink.

I really think its time for Fred and I to hit the road. hahaha.

Speaking of hitting the road, I have been checkingg the weather and it is really starting to warm up and they haven't had any more snow. I called one to the year round residents and she said the weather was beautiful. Just 2 1/2 weeks to go.

And leaving this


  1. Hi, I tried to reply to your comment on my blog and the email bounced back, Did you change your email address?

  2. Ha, I've not had the time to blog in several days. I must get one out today. I found a killer deal on yarn yesterday, so bought a bunch up. At a resale shop & a cute basket with a wood lid to contain it all in. But, the basket was a silly buy since I live in an RV & am already crowded. It was only 50 cents though. ;-)
    Have a great day JoJo & you too Fred! Don't be a'kissin' other dudes girlfriends though!

  3. Hi Teri,
    No I haven't changed e-mail. Some times blogger can be a pain and just kick us around some.

    Thanks for coming and letting me know.

    Hi Cyn,
    It isn't a lack of time its just some times hard to think of something to say or just being lazy. Hope you post pictures of the basket and color of yarn.

    Glad you stopped by.