Friday, March 30, 2012

Its getting hot here

We are now taking earlier walks. It is heating up here fast. It reach about 86 today. I sure didn't like it. We took a walk around 8:30 this morning so Fred won't burn his little feet. I had to run to Michael's again to pick up more yarn and then to Dollar Tree for some sun glasses since I don't wear glass for distance anymore. I believe that's called near sighted? Anyway picked up 3 pair since they are only $1 each. I couldn't wait to get home and out of the heat. I'm trying to just use the ceiling fans and not turn on the a/c yet. I do have what they call a swamp cooler but then I have to take off all the covers on the floor vents and I would need to put them back before I leave so the a/c isn't lost threw them. No it isn't that hard but why bother for another week and a half.

I had dinner at my sister's house tonite. We had pasta with clam sauce and she made Italian bread and it was hot out of the over. mmmm. And home made ice cream. Yep she is the cook in the family. I can cook but I don't get into it makes a mess.

I talked to the manager today at Ponderosa and Eva said the weather is great. If it wasn't for this last eye app. I would have left today.

Maybe  a busy few days coming up and way to much eating out. Will have to figure out what I can eat and stay on  this watching what I eat. My sister cooks all things reduced fat and no sugar or fake sugar for reduced calories. Eating out is tough.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Darnit, Blogger, quit foolin' around. I left a comment earlier and it wouldn't take. Then it told me that you blog was not being published any longer.

    I've forgotten what I said except that I hate the heat--in the southeast we have the humidity, too and BUGS. Hate it.

    I also couldn't enlarge the picture. Is that a bear?

  2. You can ignore my message you you on my blog.

  3. Temps warming, I here the mountains calling. Get the medical behind you so you can head out.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I'm telling you blogger can really be a pain. I had to send in my # get a code and reload my blog. I had trouble posting on your blog and it came out all scramble and didn't make any sense. I hope it didn't appear like I lost my mind. Can't lose something that has been missing for years. haha.

    Yes that is a bear. I took that 2 years ago near the Tin Can Cabin.

    Thanks for trying so hard to reach me.

    Hey John,
    I am going to try to move up the eye thing but I think it is a timing from surgery and can't happen sooner. I want to start loading the car so bad. haha
    Glad you stopped by thanks

  5. Getting hot here too, and talk about bugs!! Gonna be a record year for them. I can take heat up to about 90 for that short period during the day, but,,,using fans.

  6. I like the hot weather! Seems funny to hear you talk about it being hotter there than it is here!

    Glad the eye is doing good! Really makes a difference, doesn't it?

  7. yea!!! HOT HOT HOT I love it!!

  8. Hi Trouble,
    We don't have to much trouble with bugs. Maybe because we don't have the humidity.

    Hello Jim,

    I used to like it too. Then about 8 yrs ago it started to bother and now I really don't like it.

    Yes the eye is doing pretty good. And yes what a difference. I just thought it would have healed faster I think some one was lying to me about how fast their eye healed either that or they didn't have this same cataract. Oh well I'm glad to have had it done.

    And very glad to have you stop by today. Thank You.

  9. NO! No! Pincess I don't like it at all. It needs to wait until I am gone.

    Love you

  10. Hi JoJo! Glad to be able to connect with you again. Hot? 86*??? Girl,I would LOVE some of that here in PA!! I been freezing almost since I got here other than a very few warm days. Chilled to the bone mostly. I really don't know how I am going to do without a wood-burning stove next year. Might have to spend my winter in AZ, or maybe Mexico, lol. Glad to hear you are crocheting away. I have been working on socks and dishcloths for relaxation in the evenings. Keep in touch!

  11. Hello Sunny,

    So glad to see you here. I would love to send you some of this warmth. LOL

    Maybe by next winter you can get a wood burning stove installed.
    Or at least a fake one like I have up at the Tin Can Cabin. Of course its a small place so it works well.I think they have bigger ones.

    Spending the winter down here is a great idea. We can do some camping with the other solo ladies.

    Keep making those nice warm socks. Can you make mittens?

    Keep warm.

  12. That is a cool picture of the bear. I'd rather see a pic of one than see one in person! ;-)