Saturday, March 31, 2012

What a walk

I was out walking with Fred and my sister was coming down the street. So we walked together and we did the entire Village. The weather this morning was nice and cool for a long walk. When we got back Fred hit his water bowl and then hit his bed for a nice long nap. hahaha

It wasn't long after that that it started getting really hot. We reached 91 today. And the house heated up really bad about 4 pm to 86 not good. So on went the a/c and let me tell you it took a long time to cool this place down.  So tomorrow I will hook up the swamp cooler so I won't have a huge electric bill already. The swamp works really good as long as there is no humidity. When I bought this place I made sure it had dual cooling. Of course the swamp is about done. Only because the pan is rusting out. Maybe by next spring they will have come out with replacement pans. If not I may have to buy a new one or just only use the a/c.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very windy. Want to do another walk around the Village in the morning.

We are all getting together tomorrow at Kathy and Jerry's for dinner and I made my pies today. They sure look good.

This tree had fall and was being support by branches from other trees.

I sure hope this lake is back to it's full capacity after being drained last summer


  1. Poor Fred, sounds like you wore the old boy out.

  2. I hate the thought of the coming heat. My house has managed to stay fairly cool even when we reached 80. I have overhead fans that help. Once it starts climbing higher, though, so does my A/C bill and my temper!

    What is the difference between a swamp cooler and an A/C, JOJO? I have a sister-in-law in Reno who has no air (they don't need it), but she does have a swamp cooler. I picture it as being a dehumidifier.

    My daughter just took Jack for a walk to the nature center. He comes back and sacks out, too. Jack and Fred make a good pair! LOL

  3. How about a picture of Fred? I can't seem to remember what he looks like.

  4. Hi John,

    He needs the exercise just as much as I do. I really need to keep his weight down since he is so close to the ground. :)

    Hello Nancy,

    a swamp cooler runs with water and a fan that is built into the unit which is outside. And the cost is very cheap to run as it uses a small motor. There are many brands. I have a Master Cool and it uses just one pad. The pad is very thick and looks like a honeycomb. The thicker pad holds more water so you get much cooler air. The only problem is the pads are $100. but they do last for about 5 yrs. if you keep them clean.

    I bet Jack and Fred would make great buddies.

  5. Never heard of a swamp cooler. Hey, whatever does the job I say.

  6. I remember back when i was a youngun, using those swamp coolers. It hit 97 here yesterday.

  7. Hello Phyllis,
    They are really cheap to run and like I said work great until monsoon time. They also use them in CA. and Reno as Nancy said above.

    thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Trouble,
    So I guess that means they use them in TX. too.

  8. I know they use them in New Mexico, so maybe out in West Texas near there too? No use for them here in Bayou country though. It's starting to heat up here now too. I was hoping to be out of here before it really got started :-/