Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still here

Either Verizon got their act together or they just haven't turned it off yet. But there will still be a problem about how much I have used that they charged me double.

surgery went well but I won't be on line to much as it is still kind of blurry and I don't have much to say. So hope to see you soon if not after April 15th when I get to the mountains and free wifi.


  1. I keep missing things. What surgery? Eyes? Had cataracts removed from both eyes a few years ago, had better than 20/20 after.
    What mountains? lololol. Heck, i might have read all this, and just forgot. hahahaha

  2. Thanks every one. Its going great and I see little better as the day goes on.

  3. Glad you got that surgery out of the way. Now relax & heal. It's hard to believe that you'll soon be heading back for the mountains soon. Where did the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday when you headed south!? Sure seems like it huh?

  4. Hi Cyn
    Yes it did go fast but I am happy for it too.
    And yes glad the surgery is over with and I will be done with follows up about that time too.