Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 more days 7?

I went out today with my Tucson Camping friend Terry to see her new to her Travel Trailer. I really liked the lay out. Nice and roomy since it has the slide out for the sofa. I know she will have many enjoyable camping trips with it and her brand new truck to pull it. Then we went to lunch.

When it cooled down Fred and I took a walk but the wind started to blow.

The rest of the day was spent just getting things together. I want to drop off some donations to Big Brothers and Big Sisters tomorrow and get those things out of the way.

I will load up the car Sunday and hope to leave after the eye app. I will see how it goes.
I will bag up pantry items tomorrow and that will just leave the fridge stuff. Fred's stuff is packed.

Some of his toys will be thrown away since he chewed out the squeaky things and he won't play with them anymore. I found some that he hasn't been able to chew apart so we will take a few of those with us. I tried packing them but he tried to get at them so they will go last. Smarty pants dog.

I was going to post a picture of the Tin Can Cabin but they are on the laptop and it is already in the to go pile. I guess I can post an old one before the porch was redone and the new screen door was added.

Couldn't find any so here is a sudden storm that blew in while out driving to Sunrise Sky Resort.


  1. Okay, the packing is started, the countdown is on and Fred is ready, getting close now.

  2. Hope that all goes well at the eye docs and that you get off as planned.

    Got to love the fact that Fred likes his toys so much! Takes after his keeper I guess!

  3. Hi John,
    Yep I am so ready and so is Fred.

    Glad you came by today.

    Hello Jim,
    I'm sure all will be a go at the eye Dr.

    Yes Fred love his squeeky toys. But he is like a true child must see what makes the noise. I love do love my toys too. :)

    thanks for stopping by today.

  4. Do him like i did my kids, when they're gone i packed up 1/2 their toys, and 6 months later, put them back, packed up the others. That way, they had "new" toys again...

  5. We need some new Fred pix! But I guess that will wait till you get back up in the mountains again. Rest up.