Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wind and more Wind

It was already windy at 6:30 am when we took a walk. I hate the wind and it is a real problem right now with all the pollen in the air. But we survived the walks today.

Went to one of my neighbors for little get together.

I had a man call today showing interest in Mom's Little Runaway. So I had to leave my friends house early to meet this old guy. Well an hour after he was to show up he called saying his niece showed up and he couldn't make it. I must have told him 1/2 dozen times I was leaving next week. He said he would get here before that. My response was I am not going to sit around here waiting for you to show up. Anyway if I don't hear from him it won't matter since I wasn't putting it on the market until Oct. anyway. It would have been nice to make a sale but then I have to empty everything out and put things back and I just don't have time for all that.
There is a really good show on TV about sunken ships. It's very interesting so I will say good night



  1. Don't you think if he was really interested he would have figures a way to see The little Runaway? I think there are people who sit at home all day and just call ads so they'll have someone to talk to.

  2. I'm with John, I would be racing there to see it if I were wanting to buy it!

  3. Agreed, some people are tire kickers and never buy. When I see something I'm interested in, I find a way to get there ASAP!

    I watched a program on sunken ships last night, it was about ships in the great lakes. Very good stuff!


  4. Hi John,
    I don't think this guy nows what is really going on. I had to give him directions so many times and he still didn't get it. I am going to call the guy that referred him to me and ask him what he thinks. I told him a few times I was leaving and he didn't seem to understand that either. Said he had a hole in his ear and didn't hear well. I'm thinking this guy is to old to drive.

    Glad you stopped by today.

    Hi Cyn,
    I also think this guy wants it for next to nothing. I don't have time to play with this guy right now.

    Thanks for stopping by as always

    1. Nah, doesn't sound like it's worth the time to mess with him. Your little rig is nice, it's cute & it's fully functional. Someone will get a great little rig when the right buyer comes along!
      I have folks coming into the driveway here constantly asking me how much I want for my "old" camper. It offends me. They think I'll sell it to them for a couple of thousand bucks. Ain't gonna happen...latest offer was 4k cash. Ha. Walk away mister...walk away...will you sell me your truck for 2k?

  5. My pet peeve, inconsiderate people! I wouldnt have waited that hour! You dont need that before your trip....'our' trip,,,lol

  6. I wasn't aware that you were selling your runaway. The "buyer" was very inconsiderate. How much difference in temperature for you between your two places, Jo? My sons both have cabins up in the mountains. They rent them out when they aren't using them. One doesn't use his as often as he thought he would, the other can't wait to have a weekend up there.

  7. I, too, did not know you were selling. It will sell when it is the best time. Forget about stressing friend.

    VERY windy here near Oklahoma City. What did I expect!