Sunday, April 15, 2012

Car almost all packed

I packed most of the stuff today into the car. The expensive things will wait until tomorrow night. There is plenty of room left as I am not bringing that much up this time. A small ice chest should be enough to handle the freezer and a smaller one to put the fridge stuff in. That will be loaded on Tues. morning on the way out.

Today was a really nice day for a change. The sky was so blue and cloud free. There wasn't any wind at all. But outside of a few shorter walks I was busy in the house.

I cleaned the over and stove, toaster oven and kitchen throw rugs. Tomorrow I will give the kitchen floor another once over.

I called my friend Betsy to see when they would be going up. She said they were already there and unloading the truck and SUV. Betsy said it was a great day and the canyon was dry so the drive was great. Tonight will be in the 20s so they didn't want to turn on the water yet so they are staying at the casino which she has free nights.

I am so ready!.

Driving up the Salt River Canyon


  1. Safe travels to your little bit of paradise.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks I will be off to the eye Dr. shortly.