Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a trip it was

The morning made me have thoughts of not going. It was raining and the wind was still blowing. But I promised to give them the ride so off we went about 6:15 am stopped for gas and about froze to death pumping. About half way there we road out of the rain but the wind was still blowing. At least there weren't many cars on the road. But there was one crazy semi on the road and he was swerving all over the road. It was hard to pass him because the road was wet and the wind was blowing. I saw he was staying in the slow lane and I got into the fast lane and managed to get ahead of him. Then there he was again this time I let him have the lead and just stayed away from him as many cars where doing. I guess he either had and empty rig or he was way to tired to be driving anymore. We then left I10 and went onto 8. After 2 hrs we made our destination. The sun was shining but it was really cold.
We enjoyed the visit but the wind started blowing harder and the clouds started moving in.
So we stopped for a late lunch or early dinner since we would be getting home late. A man had a stroke or something at the next table. At least we where done and we paid the bill an quickly left.

The ride home was still windy but we didn't hit any more rain.

Fred was so happy to see us and my granddaughter took him out for a run around the block.

Fred and I played for a while and then we both fell asleep in my chair. I guess it was around 5 pm then and the phone woke me up at 8:30 pm. I was still so tired so I went to bed.

So that's why there wasn't a post.

I will start to load up the car today so I can see how much room I will have left for the size ice chest I can bring. Don't have much in the way of cold food and if it won't fit I will have my daughter come and take the food.

Gas prices up past PHX. are out of control. I sure don't get great mileage in the car which is very disappointing for sure. I will check how many miles I went and figure out what I actually got. But it took a half tank to get there and almost a half tank to get home. It could have been a wind factor and I did drive faster than normal.


  1. Sounds like you wore yourself out, but it sure made for a good nights sleep.

  2. Thots of not going,,,where?,,,i think i read all your posts, but i stay lost...
    Rain and wind hit this morning, woke me up about 8;30.
    The man at the next table was probably choking, hope someone helped him.

  3. Hi John,
    Yes I sure did. Fighting that wind and the fact I woke up at 3:30 am and was afraid if I went back to sleep I wouldn't get up on time. So I sure did sleep soundly last night.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Trouble,
    We went to visit someone that took 2 hrs to get to.
    They said EMT was on there way and only had to come from a mile up the road. there were people there to help also.

  4. Oh that sounds exhausting. It's tiring driving through winds & traffic like that.