Friday, April 13, 2012

Storm moving in

Another long busy day. Motor Home is gone and I won't go into details but that ole' guy thought he should have gotten everything. I give back all the bad things I said about him. His nephew was very embarrassed by his behavior.

So the bathrooms got scrubbed, all throw rugs are washed, pantry is empty and floors are washed. I believe this is progress.

The wind is blowing like crazy and heavy rain is supposed to move in during the night. Tomorrow promises to be terrible with 70% chance of rain and winds. Not a good day for a long trip. One I am not looking forward to either.

All I can say is I want out of this town. 3 more days


  1. Progress is being made, but you didn't mention... is Fred helping you get ready?

  2. Oh, looks like tomorrow might be a day for doing things inside of the house then. Weird that they guy thought he'd get everything in the RV. I'm glad it's all over with on that end now.

  3. Good Morning John,
    No Fred is no help, he just wants to play and drag out all his toys. Then he wants out and then back in. The attention grabber.
    Just like having a 2 yr old in the house. :)

    Hi Cyn,
    I would love to stay in the house today but need to make a long distance trip and I really don't want to go but its one of those things.

    Thank you both for stopping in.

  4. My Jude is ducking, hiding from mockingbirds,,mean ol thangs! Went to let him in yesterday, and one fluttered in the crepe myrtle there, and he just about left the
    IM READY,,lets go...