Friday, April 20, 2012

Flowers and other things

I know I said I was going to  one of the lakes today but I didn't get there. But I did get some new pictures.

I had to have the roof cleaned today. Up here and I guess any place that has pine trees or any trees needs to have the roof cleared of the dead stuff. So by time Al was done and I ran a few errands it was to late.
I bought some flowers to put in the pots to make the place look happy. Besides I like flowers.

The flowers at Home Depot were quite sad so I tried to pick the best ones and hope for the best.

These little boots were given to me by Lois, the little bird house ornament is made out of a paint stirring stick and a little carved bird house I picked up last year some where.

I found this stained glass at a second hand store one day while I was out with the Wild Bunch (the name was given to us my shoeless Joe).

 This piece I picked up last summer while shopping antique stores with Jeanne.
Kathy gave me this beautiful bird bath for my birthday. I angled it downward so you can see it better.
Tomorrow I will go to Safeway to see if they still have Azaleas. I saw them there the other day.

I don't know why this is running so weird so I am going to end this blog now before all is lost.


  1. I think we are waiting for you to take a day off and just relax, but I did like the pictures.

  2. I may buy some plants for my "yard" here at the campground. Some of the sites have tulips and some other plants. I think since we are here 6 months, most RVers try to dress up the sites and then leave behind the plants, etc when they are done here.

  3. Oh pretty posies! They will grow & become hardy for you. I like petunias. I used to have pots of them but the Texas heat would eventually get them. So then I switched to mexican petunias & they were really hardy.

  4. Awww...nothing like flowers to make a place look colorful and pretty!! Love the stain've inspired me to look around at antique stores and flea markets for some for our sunroom.

  5. Hi John,
    Today is the day I promise. As soon as it warms up a bit I am off to Woodland Lake.

    Glad you did enjoy the pictures. thanks for coming by.

    Hello Teri,
    Yes people get into fixing up there area. My friend Barb buys hanging baskets and hangs them from her awning and pots to sit on the ground. Some she brings from home and most come back with here.

    Hi Cyn,
    when we went out this morning at 6:30 they looked much better already. Some of the plants were so dry when I bought them and told the cashier that the plants needed water. She said they guy seems to only go on one side and not the other. They will work with him. I like that they hire the metaly challenged.
    Going to look into the mexican petunias.
    Thanks for the tip and for coming by.

    Hello Happytrails,
    I love going to second hand stores and anteque stores. they have lots of them up here. I am waiting for my friend Jeannne to get here before I go. Of course we spend way to much money, but that is the fun of it. One of my nieghbors here said she has a stained glass window for sale. Need to check it out today.
    Thanks for coming by today.

  6. What a beautiful place!!! And you have really made it more so...

  7. Very pretty eye-candy, JoJo! I love color too, have to have it around me :)

  8. Hi Trouble,
    Thank you I think I love this place more than my home in Tucson.

    Hello Sunny,
    Thank you. Yes color is very important for a happy life. Must have it! I keep looking for you to post something.

  9. Love the stained glass pieces. Those are great finds you have there.