Thursday, April 19, 2012

Water on th floor

This morning I couldn't find the keys to the shed. I thought maybe when the guy changed out the fridge they fell behind it. So I moved it out and OMG! There were leaves and pebbles all in the space where the motor is. I was fit to be tide. I found out the fridge had been sitting out side my place all winter and not even covered.  So I got the vacuum out once again and cleaned it all out. But no keys. I noticed the floor was wet and I thought I spilled Fred's water. The hunt for the keys was on. Now my slippers really felt wet. What is this. I walked over to the sink and looked down at the floor and the rug was soaked. I opened the cabinet door and the hot water pipe was dripping like crazy and there was water all over the place. I had a  bucket under there but it was turned upside down. I quickly turned it over and started mopping up the water. I called my friend down the street and asked if they new a plumber. He reminded me that that should have been part of having the place de winterized. I really hated calling this guy because his work has not been up to par lately, when he does anything at all.  But I called also to see if he had the key. He said I will fix it, good and bring my house key with you. He had it fixed in no time but our business dealings are over.

Anyway after much searching I took down the little key holder and there was the key. How it got back there I don't know but have an idea.

So I started putting things in the shed and brought the shop vac in so I could clean the porch.

YES I am done cleaning. HORAAH YIPPEE .

Fred and I took a few walks around the park today and we played fetch. I think Fred is very happy the cleaning is all done and now I can pay attention to him.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to post for everyone.

The weather is still holding and it has been in the 70's and the nights are only in the mid 40's.

Hope you are all enjoying some good weather too.


  1. Why would the fridge have been put out? What's up with that? And it had to suck on the floor thing. I hope there aren't any damages anywhere.
    Yes, we are having good weather too :)
    Nite, sleep well.

  2. Not a good story but glad it ended well.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Before I left last fall, I purchased a new to me fridge. The guy was to deliver it and put it in the house and remove the old one. To make a long story short he left the new one outside all winter and put it in the house just before I got here. Now I need to find a more reliable person to finish the work he never did.
    But luckily no damage was done due to the leak.
    Hope you slept well.

    Hi Phyllis,
    Yes I am also glad the day ended well.
    Thank you for your well wishes.

    1. Wow, if he had done something like that here, you'd have a lot of rust already going on..Yes, I agree. You definitley need a more reliable person.

  4. Are the joys of reopening a place that has been left for six months always lots of little surprises. Glad there was nothing major.

  5. Oh sorry about the water issues but so glad you were able to repair and clean-up and still have time to play a bit with Fred!!

  6. Jo, I sympathize with you. I had a pipe burst going to my fridge and didn't find it until Lizzie and Jack woke me up at 3a.m. acting like their was a fire in the house. I was ankle deep in water and had to replace my floors. That is one of five floods I've had in 7 years.

    I was going to ask you the same question about why our fridge was outside. Boy, I'd be really ticked off at that guy.

    Hugs from me to Fred and slurps from Jack. :))

  7. Good morning John,
    Yes the joys of opening up can be a worry, but all ended well.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello Happy Trails,
    Yes glad I hadn't run off to play somewhere and would come back to a real mess then.

    Nice to see you this morning.

    Hi Nancy and Jack,

    Yes this is the second year he has had issues about why he didn't get things done. Well he won't need to give me anymore excuses we are done.
    Sorry you have had so many issues with water. It can be so discouraging and cleanup can be tough. Luckily I caught it before it got out of hand.

    Hugs back to you both from us. :)

  8. Don't blame you a bit!! Hate depending on someone then finding out they did you wrong. I would be thru too.

  9. Hi Trouble,
    I guess he did lots of people dirty and owes a lot of people money for jobs he didnt do.
    Anyway I am done and off to buy some pretty flowers. :)